Mudskipper Point
Mudskipper Point map

Mudskipper Point is located in the south of Thurgo's Peninsula, south-west of Port Sarim. Players who have access to fairy rings can travel to the area using the code AIQ. The water surrounding Mudskipper Point is inhabited by mudskippers and mogres. When approaching the area from the north players can see a sign which warns: "BEWARE OF THE MUDSKIPPERS!". Members can slay mogres here after completion of the Mogre miniquest. A fishing explosive is needed to disturb mogres from the ominous fishing spots found around the coast. During Recipe for Disaster: Freeing Pirate Pete the player must obtain 5 mudskipper hides by killing the mudskippers which are found here. Mudskipper Point features in the quest Beneath Cursed Tides: it is the entry point to Tutorial Island.


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