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Muncher is Death's faithful pet skeletal hellhound who can be found snoozing inside his master's office, accessed via portal from the Draynor Village lodestone.

He also appeared inside Death's mansion during the 2007, 2009 and 2010 Hallowe'en events, the The Horsemen's Citadel during the 2011 Hallowe'en event, and the Burthorpe lodestone during the 2014 Hallowe'en event.

Hallowe'en events

2007 Hallowe'en event

Muncher sleeping

Muncher, snoozing inside his master's office.

In the 2007 Hallowe'en event, it was revealed that Muncher ate the postman and made a complete mess of Death's house, which forced Death to hire the player to clean up the place before his new servant arrived, as he didn't wish to seem completely incapable of looking after himself.

During the event, he could be found sitting next to Death's chair, and could be interacted with in a number of ways, including stroking him, trying to entertain him, and blowing a raspberry at him. If a raspberry was blown at him, he could kill a player instantly, although they would respawn in the mansion with all their items.

Web of Shadows

During the 2009 event, Muncher could once again be found within Death's mansion, and part of the event involved calming him down so Eek the spider and the player could safely apply spiderwebs to the room he was in. Players could interact with him in the same ways as in 2007, and he was still capable of killing players.

Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow

Hw11 muncher

Concept art of Muncher.

Although Muncher did not directly feature in the 2010 event, he could still be found within Death's mansion, but could not be interacted with.

Deathcon II

In 2011, Muncher could be found guarding Death's tent in The Horsemen's Citadel during Deathcon II, and attempted to scare players away from his master. After the event was complete, players could pet him, which made him roll over and bark.

Death's Door

Audio options icon
Muncher barking and whining at the player.

In 2014, Muncher could be found next to the Burthorpe lodestone barking and whining. By talking to him, players would attempt to understand him, and after Muncher dismissed the notion of Death being stuck down a well, he nodded when the player suggested that Death's house had been taken over by ghosts. Muncher served as a teleport to Death's house, and also offered rewards for the event.

Players could attempt to interpret his barks again, which resulted in the player saying one of a number of phrases, after which Muncher whimpered in confusion. The player then said that they can't understand Muncher after all.


  • He has a number of titles, including "Beast of the Night", "Chewer of Misplaced Soft Toys and Home Furnishings", and "Devourer of Souls and Dog Biscuits".
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