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This is the quick guide for Murder Mystery.
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Start pointQuest map icon.png
Quest icon 5th age.png
The Sinclair Mansion, situated north of Camelot and north-east of Seers' Village.
Member requirementP2P icon.png Members only
Official difficultyNovice Novice
Official lengthMedium
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
  • None
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
Enemies to defeat
  • None

Getting started

House of Crime

The Evidence

  • Go to the gardener's shed and take seven flypapers from the sack.
  • Fill a pot with flour from the kitchen.
  • Use the flour on the dagger and use flypaper to lift the fingerprint.
  • Repeat with the silver objects.
  • Compare each fingerprint by using each person's print with the unknown print.
  • Once a match is found, the silver items may be dropped aside from the matching one.
  • Go to the mansion's gate and talk to Gossip. Ask him who he thought did it. (Chat 2)
  • Go to the pub in Seers' Village and talk to the Poison Salesman. Ask who he sold poison to at the house. (Chat 2)

A Criminal Revealed

  • Go to the person with the matching fingerprint and ask what he/she used the poison for then search for the object: (Chat 4)
    • If the prints match Elizabeth, search the fountain.
    • If the prints match Bob, search the beehive in animal pen.
    • If the prints match Carol, search the drain on the wall directly north of the row of potatoes.
    • If the prints match Anna, search the compost heap.
    • If the prints match David, search the spider web upstairs.
    • If the prints match Frank, search the family crest outside on the wall.

Finishing Up

  • Find the smashed window and investigate, you will be given a thread.
  • Return to the guard and give him the fingerprints, tell him about the poison, and show him the thread. (Chat 3)
  • Quest complete!


Murder Mystery reward.png
Music unlocked
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