For the higher-levelled version, see Murderous orokami.
Murderous bakami
Murderous bakami
Release date 10 October 2016 (Update)
Hunter level 90
Experience 650
Location The Arc
Trap Butterfly net or magic butterfly net
Retaliation No
Loot See loot
Examine An unenlightened spirit.

A murderous bakami is a type of kami that can be found in The Arc. It is described as "an unenlightened spirit" in the Arc Journal. The murderous bakami may be caught with an impling jar to create a murderous bakami jar.


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Sapphire amuletSapphire amulet4–6 (noted)Uncommon4,892–7,338
Sapphire braceletSapphire bracelet(noted)Uncommon7,756
Ring of recoilRing of recoil4–6 (noted)Uncommon4,100–6,150
Water battlestaffWater battlestaff3–6 (noted)Uncommon25,206–50,412
Magic potion (2)Magic potion (2)2–3 (noted)Uncommon1,962–2,943
Water talismanWater talisman4–8 (noted)Uncommon21,120–42,240
Spirit dragon charmSpirit dragon charm11–15UncommonNot sold
Magic stockMagic stock10–12 (noted)Uncommon1,870–2,244
Mithril clawMithril claw4–5 (noted)Uncommon9,768–12,210
Mithril sq shieldMithril sq shield3–5 (noted)Uncommon8,007–13,345
Unpowered orbUnpowered orb4–8 (noted)Uncommon940–1,880
Mithril swordMithril sword3–5 (noted)Uncommon4,602–7,670
Weapon poison+ (2)Weapon poison+ (2)(noted)Uncommon1,484