For the lower-levelled version, see Murderous bakami.
Murderous orokami
Murderous orokami
Release date 10 October 2016 (Update)
Hunter level 95
Experience 1300
Location Uncharted Isles
Trap Butterfly net or magic butterfly net
Retaliation No
Loot See loot
Examine An unenlightened uncharted spirit.

A murderous orokami is a type of kami that can only be found on Uncharted Isles. The murderous orokami may be caught with an impling jar to create a murderous orokami jar.


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Adamant clawAdamant claw6–10 (noted)Unknown28,938–48,230
Adamant swordAdamant sword7–8 (noted)Unknown19,656–22,464
Adamant sq shieldAdamant sq shield(noted)Unknown31,350
Magic potion (2)Magic potion (2)(noted)Unknown2,080
Magic stockMagic stock10–11Unknown1,900–2,090
Ring of recoilRing of recoil4–6 (noted)Unknown7,120–10,680
Sapphire amuletSapphire amulet4–6 (noted)Unknown8,480–12,720
Spirit dragon charmSpirit dragon charm10–15UncommonNot sold
Unpowered orbUnpowered orb5–8 (noted)Unknown3,620–5,792
Water battlestaffWater battlestaff3–4 (noted)Unknown23,922–31,896
Water orbWater orb4–5 (noted)Unknown23,768–29,710
Water talismanWater talisman4–7 (noted)Unknown10,112–17,696
Weapon poison+ (2)Weapon poison+ (2)2Unknown1,434
Shinigami orokami maskShinigami orokami mask1Very rare[1]364,679


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