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Murky Matt, full name Matthew Grey, is one of the current "Market Price Guides" near the east side of the Grand Exchange Market in north-west Varrock. He tells the player current prices of runes.

If a player who has completed Lunar Diplomacy talks to him, Murky will refer to how "pirates" were stuck for days sailing around in circles. Apparently Matt is the brother of Murky Pat, a pirate currently working aboard the Lady Zay in the Lunar Sea.

If players wait long enough, they might see Murky Matt yelling phrases, such as, "Yarr, I'm gonna be rich!" or "Noo, All me prices be going down!"

After the update on 20 October 2009, Murky Matt would combine players' enchanted jewellery charges, for a more efficient use, much like decanting. Two games necklaces with 1 charge each can be converted into one games necklace with 2 charges, for example. He cannot combine noted jewellery.

Murky Matt does not currently combine charges for forinthry braces.

If you select combine without having anything in your inventory, he states that "Arrr! Yer pockets are as empty as a ghost ship at an exorcism!".

Runes prices window

Current runes prices window

Murky matt symbol

The symbol on the ground next to Matt.


  • During the week of Cryptic Clue Fest III, when bringing him the solution for the second day, the player will mention Roddeck from the second Cryptic Clue Fest. Upon hearing his name, Murky Matt will respond that the only person he knew named Roddeck stole his money when he promised to, as he says, "Double me doubloons!" This is quite possibly a reference to the common "Doubling Money" scam.
  • Prior to the update on 15 December 2009, Murky Matt would not combine Ferocious ring charges.
  • After the update on 23 August 2011, Murky Matt will combine charges on Rings of wealth. Prior to that update, when attempting to combine the charges on 2 or more rings of wealth, Murky Matt would state "Arrr, there be nothing in yer inventory that I can combine."
  • He has a gravestone in the New Varrock graveyard which reads "Matthew Grey, a.k.a. Murky Matt. Crashed his ghost ship into a spectral iceberg."
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