Murphy's zomboat
Murphy's zomboat
Release date 28 March 2011 (Update)
Race Zombie/boat
Members Yes
Quest NPC A Clockwork Syringe
Location(s) Bloodsplatter Isle sea
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine A customised one-zombie battleship!

Murphy's zomboat is a zomboat controlled by the zombie pirate mechanic Mechanical Murphy during A Clockwork Syringe. He escapes on it after the player pursues he and Mi-Gor out of the destroyed factory on Bloodsplatter Isle, and must be fought using an unoccupied zomboat. Unlike the standard zomboats, Murphy's zomboat has more health, requiring a total of five hits to sink as opposed to two. Like standard zomboats, it will shoot a players zomboat with cannonballs.

Once defeated, it will sink into the ocean, and Murphy will promise to return for revenge.