Museum guard chathead

Museum guards guard the Varrock Museum and the path leading to the Digsite due east of the east entrance to Varrock. Unlike most guards, they cannot be attacked by players.

Recently, the Museum received a massive donation from the government of Varrock. With this money they renovated the museum, obtaining new exhibits, building new floors, recruiting new workers and archaeologists, and increasing advertising. The museum guards are amongst the museum's new workers.

The museum guards have been hired to peacefully manage and inform visitors to the museum. They guard four areas; the entrance to the archaeological cleaning centre in the museum, the museum's back entrance, the path leading to the Digsite, and the exhibit of the Completionist cape on the top floor of the museum. Players can gain permission to pass through the first two by working in the museum.

The guard that stands next to the Completionist cape explains to the player the cape's history. The player can attempt to try on the cape, but unless they have the required skills, they will be forced backwards in a cloud of smoke, and in the chat is the listed requirements to own and wear the cape.


  • Occasionally, a workman will pass through the Digsite gate and through the museum's back entrance, pushing a wheelbarrow of rock samples.
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