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Mushy mush is a type of animal feed that can be obtained from troughs at the player-owned farm after filling them with mushrooms. They may also be used to fill the troughs to feed livestock.


The following items can be used to create mushy mush:

Item Price
Mort myre fungus.png Mort myre fungus 3,433
Bittercap mushroom.png Bittercap mushroom 9,010
Morchella mushroom.png Morchella mushroom 5,043
Gorajian mushroom
Wushroom.png Wushroom 1
Corpsebloom.png Corpsebloom 1
Immorel.png Immorel 1
Lactarius.png Lactarius 1
Paraspore.png Paraspore 1
Buttercap.png Buttercap 2
Blushroom.png Blushroom 2
Purple bellow.png Purple bellow 1
Snufftruffle.png Snufftruffle 1
Inky cap.png Inky cap 2
Sporcini.png Sporcini 2
Toastool.png Toastool 2
Honeyfungus.png Honeyfungus 2
Arc puffball.png Arc puffball 2
Russula.png Russula 2
Summertwirl.png Summertwirl 3