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Lonely Musician

An elf plays aback the Isafdarian landscape.

Musicians (also known as bards) are NPCs who can be found all across Gielinor. When resting within 3 squares of a Musician (or by choosing "listen-to"), the rate at which run energy and life points are restored is increased. For example, with 75 agility it takes only 18 seconds to restore run energy from 0 to 100. Life points are also restored at 3 times the normal rate while resting. If a player has completed the One Piercing Note quest, and is wearing the full set of Citharede robes, Prayer points will also be restored.

Different musicians have different instruments, with which they play different music. Those who play the lute play a rendition of Harmony. Violinists play a rendition of Spirit. The lyre players in the Fremennik Province play a rendition of Rellekka. Flute players in the Desert play a rendition of Arabian. The Elf Musician plays a rendition of Forest. Thump-thump plays a rendition of The Lost Tribe. The accordion players play a remix of Norse Code. The Drunken musician plays a bad version of Harmony and the Ghostly piper plays a piece of his own, similar to the Karamjan drummers.

Since 7 November 2011 there are two new musicians at Abbey of St. Elspeth Citharede, which cannot be talked to along with Valerio, who is on the other hand the first musician with fully-voice acted dialogues.

The minimap icon for the Musician is Resting spot map icon. Look for this on your minimap to find a musician.


Audio options icon
Lute players - Harmony
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Violin players - Spirit
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Drum players
Audio options icon
Flute players - Arabian
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Accordion players - Norse Code
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Drunken musician - Harmony
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Ghostly piper
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Lyre players - Rellekka
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Elf musician - Forest





Music Appreciator

One of the many musicians around Gielinor.

  • When asked about who they are, after describing themselves as musicians, each of them praises the curative effects of music, and says that this information was given to them by "a travelling medical practitioner, selling oil extracted from snakes." This is a reference to a "snake oil salesman," an expression for one who deceives the public by selling false cures. In this case, however, what this salesman is said to have told the musician is genuine, as indeed you actually do gain run energy and life points at a faster rate when resting to music, and thus that the musicians have not been deceived. The musician, when asked, expresses clearly that music is not a true cure all, and cannot aid with such ailments as "[p]oison, lack of faith, and dismembered limbs."
  • The Elf musician could possibly be a reference to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, as she resembles Saria and is playing an ocarina. She is also sitting on a tree stump, just like the aforementioned character.
  • Valerio is the only Musician who does not mention the effects of resting near a musician.
  • The examine text for the musicians in Karamja (one near the Tai Bwo Wannai general store, and another next to Shilo Village) may be an allusion to the Stone Roses song, called She Bangs The Drums.
  • The Drunken musician near the Forgotten Cemetery in the Wilderness plays an adaption of Harmony like other lute players, however if you listen carefully, he plays a few wrong chords, and, near the end of the song, speeds up the tempo erratically.
  • The musician south of the Asgarnia Monastery appears to be wearing a similar costume to the lead minstrel in the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • If talking to a musician, they will say that their music cannot cure "a lack of faith" (prayer points depleted), among other things, but with the release of the One Piercing Note quest, it is possible to restore prayer while listening to one. This can be combined with prayers such as Rapid Heal to restore life points quickly.
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