Mutated Barge
Mutated Barge
Release date 13 August 2018 (Update)
Members Yes
Skill Attack
Level 30
Type Basic
Adrenaline +8%
Equipment Any
Cooldown 20 seconds
Shoulder-barge your target, breaking free of binds and dealing up to 125% weapon damage and binding your opponent in place for 6.6s. Mutated barge deals up to 10% additional damage for every 0.6 seconds since you last hit your current target, for a maximum of 225% weapon damage. If it has been at least 4.8 seconds since you last hit your current target your next melee combo attack becomes instant and deals damage-over-time instead.
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Mutated Barge is an upgraded version of the Barge ability, requiring 30 Attack to use. It is obtained by reading a Mutated Barge ability codex and will replace the former ability.

Despite what the tooltip says, Mutated Barge's damage is based on the time since the player has moved off their target (either by moving away, or by using Surge, Escape, or Bladed Dive). If Mutated Barge is used as the opening ability to engage in combat on a target it acts as a 125% damage ability. Furthermore, if already engaged in combat, Mutated Barge effectively becomes a minimum of a 135% weapon damage ability in normal use where the only ways to achieve 125% would be through ability stalling or style switching from a Magic auto attack into Mutated Barge on the same tick.

For each server tick (0.6 seconds) since the player has moved off their target, mutated barge gains +10% weapon damage, capping at +100%. Alongside this, if it has been at least 4.8 seconds (8 ticks), Fury, Assault, Flurry, Mutated Flurry, Destroy or Frenzy will act as a damage-over-time ability when used next within the next 6 seconds (10 ticks). This only applies to the first used ability from this list. This is not a normal bleed and each of the hits can be a Critical hit and are affected by the same sort of modifiers such as Berserk just as if these abilities were used normally on their own.

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