Mutated Dazing Shot
Mutated Dazing Shot
Release date 2 May 2017 (Update)
Members Yes
Skill Ranged
Level 8
Type Basic
Adrenaline +8%
Equipment Two-handed ranged
Cooldown 5 seconds
Shoot an arrow that detonates on contact with the target, dazing them. Deals 157% weapon damage. Target suffers a 10% decrease to accuracy on their next attack. This applies Puncture to the enemy for 9 seconds.
Mutated Dazing Shot
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Mutated Dazing Shot is a basic two-handed Ranged ability. It is purchased with 63,000,000 shattered anima from the Shattered Worlds minigame as a package along with the Salt the wound ability. It replaces Dazing Shot when unlocked. It deals 31.4-157% ability damage, reduces the target's hit chance for their next attack by 10%, and applies the Puncture effect. Purchasing the unlock requires level 60 Ranged, but the actual requirement for using the ability remains at level 8 Ranged.

In a Free-to-play world, Mutated Dazing Shot reverts to the normal Dazing Shot.


Puncture applies a stack to the target that lasts 9 seconds and a bleed that hits 4 times, dealing damage every 1.8 seconds. Over this full duration, Puncture will deal 5.8-7.2% ability damage per stack (or 58-72% ability damage at 10 stacks). The hits are distributed as 7/15, 5/15, 2/15, and 1/15 of the total. If Puncture is already on the target, a stack is added (with a maximum of 10) and the bleed is reset.

If players with different ability damage values renew Puncture, the bleed damage will slowly adjust to match the average ability damage. In this way, a ranger with weaker weaponry can help sustain a Puncture effect without contributing more damage than their gear would normally allow.

Reapplying Puncture, or using Salt the Wound, will result in the stack duration being reset to 9 seconds, and the bleed damage resetting to its highest hit.

Puncture stacks can increase up to 10 on the target, but all stacks will be removed if Puncture is not renewed within the 9 seconds. Any player that successfully hits the target with Mutated Dazing Shot or Salt the Wound can renew the stacks and bleed.

In PvP situations, Freedom will clear every stack of Puncture.

Side effects

Despite the hitsplat colour, Puncture's damage is normally not considered to come from any particular player. Therefore:


  • Before a patch on 15 May 2017, Puncture damage was entirely non-standard, meaning that it could be used to bypass some forms of invulnerability or boss phases, amongst other side effects. This patch changed Puncture's damage to be entirely standard, fixing the previously listed issues. However, as unintended side effects, Nex would heal from Puncture during her blood phase, Araxxor's cocoon shield would reflect its damage, and so on.
  • A hotfix on 16 May 2017 removed the unintended side effects, and any player that contributes to Puncture's damage will see the hitsplats as if they were their own. The intended side effects remain.
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