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Jungle horror

A jungle horror, a modern-day mwanu.

The mwanu (also referred to as horrors) are a race of ape-like creatures originally from the world Jermyn, which is now known as Bobonosia. After their world was invaded by a god wielding the Elder Horn, they were transported to Gielinor's Cursed Archipelago by Xau-Tak, whom they believed to be Tezcasathla, their creator-god.

They were originally intelligent, and are known to have created villages and cities of black stone, and practised rituals involving cannibalism, the slaughter and consumption of monkeys, and necromancy. They also revered a group of four deities:

  • Tezcasathla, their chief god and supposed creator, whom the other gods served. The Mwanu believed Xau-Tak to be this deity, and worshipped it as such.
  • Uvhastur, their mother deity who they prayed to increase fishing harvests.
  • Yogsathla, who was not worshipped; but rather feared.
  • Nyarlahydra, represented by bones and associated with death.

At some point during Gielinor's Second Age, the Cursed Archipelago was mysteriously reduced into a series of uninhabitable reefs and sandy scree, and some time after this the mwanu began devolving into their current unintelligent, highly aggressive state.

Remnants of their former civilisation can still be seen today on islands in the Southern Sea, such as Mos Le'Harmless and Harmony Island. The mwanu are feared by the pirates and monkeys of Mos Le'Harmless, who refer to them as jungle horrors, cave horrors and unspeakable horrors. They still possess some signs of their former culture, such as the black mask worn by the cave horrors.


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