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Mwynen Iorwerth is an elf that can be found in the manor within the Iorwerth Clan district of Prifddinas. She is Essyllt's wife, and is unaware of her husband's actions within West Ardougne as the Head Mourner, believing that he was an emissary of peace for Lord Iorwerth.

If Essyllt is spared, he will be found with Mwynen. Talking to Essyllt or Mwynen will spark a conversation with both of them about Essyllt, his work, and his children. Essyllt will reveal that he lied about the nature of his work, claiming that he was an emissary of peace for Lord Iorwerth, and the player will have the option to play along or tell the truth. If the player confronts Essyllt about his true job in West Ardougne, Mwynen will be shocked and angered, demanding the player to leave so she can speak with Essyllt in private. Mwynen also reveals that his claim to have children was a lie after his story falls apart, if the player chooses to confront him about his children.

If Essyllt is killed, he will not be present in Prifddinas, and Mwynen will be found alone. Mwynen will grieve the loss of her husband, believing him to have been an emissary of peace for Lord Iorwerth. The player will have the option to tell the truth about Essylt or to simply leave her to grieve her loss. If the player tells the truth, also confessing that it was the player who killed him and giving his/her reasons for doing so. Mwynen gets upset, refuses to believe what the player says, and asks the player to go away.