Mysteries of the TokHaar is an achievement that requires the player to have fully interacted with and claimed the experience from the mysterious statues and the submerged statue after completion of the One of a Kind quest.

If the statue west of the Brimhaven player-owned house portal cannot be spoken to, then acquire another Animate Rock scroll from the One of a Kind quest by going back to Robert the Strong's Library underneath Unferth's house in Burthorpe. Click on the weapons rack near the stairs to obtain iron oxide, and use an emerald on it to create another scroll.

Statue Location
Mysterious statue East of Seers' Village bank
Mysterious statue South of the Fishing Guild
Mysterious statue North of the Tower of Life
Mysterious statue West of the Brimhaven POH portal
Submerged statue North-west corner of Entrana
Mysterious Statues Location

Mysterious statues location.

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