This article is about the item received in A Void Dance. For the item used to start You Are It, see Mysterious clue scroll (You Are It).
Mysterious clue scroll detail

The mysterious clue scroll is an item received in the quest A Void Dance. This will not give regular clue scroll rewards and is only used in the quest.

Bring a spade, sextant, watch, and chart and head to these locations to get the next clue:

  • West of the mines south of Taverley
  • The man that is found wandering nearby the Crafting Guild (may need an item to give him, usually onion)
  • Farmhouse near the farm patches found south of Falador. Search the box inside the room with the pot on the minimap.
  • Stand on the red flower just north of the fountain in Edgeville Monastery and dig
  • Just north of the Black Knights' Fortress


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Second clue

South of a city and east of a guild,
there wanders a fellow whose path went astray.
Hand him an onion and give him a wave,
if on track for treasure you're wishing to stay.
Third clue

Check a crate in the farmhouse west of the Falador farming
Fourth clue

Splash of red in a holy bed;
lies north of its fountain, east of Ice Mountain.
Its three closest neighbours have petals of blue;
just dig where it's planted to find your next clue.
Fifth clue

11 degrees, 31 minutes north
17 degrees, 54 minutes east

The clue scrolls:

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