Mysterious ghost (Dhalak) chathead

Dhalak was once a powerful mage under the service of Saradomin in the late Second Age. He still exists in Gielinor, but only as an invisible ghost that has been cursed by the god Zaros for his cooperation in the Betrayal by Zamorak. Now, in order to be seen and spoken to, the player must be wearing a Ring of Visibility and an Amulet of Ghostspeak. He features in the miniquest The Curse of Zaros, and is the penultimate NPC that the player must speak to.

Dhalak was Lennissa's immediate superior in Saradomin's ranks. Lennissa acted as a spy in the camp of Zamorak's Mahjarrat and knew that the majority of them were attempting to rebel against Zaros, under their new leader. Their opportunity came with the discovery, by a Saradominist explorer called Valdez, of the Staff of Armadyl, a god-weapon that was capable of killing Zaros. Dhalak knew that Zaros was a powerful enemy of Saradomin, and that if he could be killed by Zamorak it would allow Saradomin to rise to even greater power, so he did not pass on Lennissa's message to his Lord (though he mentions that if he had known what problems Zamorak would have caused Saradomin in the future, he would have told Saradomin of the Staff). Instead, he cast an enchantment on the Staff to conceal it from view, as it would have called out and let Zaros know of the plan otherwise, and let the rebellion go on as planned. Because of this, Dhalak, among the others, was cursed to wander the planet as a spirit. He gives you his hood, which he claims will bring the player luck, and points you to Viggora, Zamorak's most highly decorated human follower.

Dhalak can be found at the following locations:


  • Dhalak's name bears some resemblance to the Daleks, a race of aliens in the British TV Series Doctor Who.
  • If you have 99 Magic when you first meet Dhalak, he'll question 'Be you some mighty sorcerer to bind me so?' to which your Character will reply, 'Well, I don't mean to brag, but I guess I am with my level 99 magic...'
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