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The Mysterious shade is a monster found in Sinkholes.

Mysterious shade range

Ranged attack.

Mysterious shade mage

Magic attack.

It is one of the most powerful types of foes in Sinkhooles, and can easily kill a player. It uses a mixture of Magic (blue-coloured) and Ranged (yellow-coloured) attacks, which are powered evenly. It is almost always recommended to defeat the shades in a room first to eliminate their devastating attacks. They are very dangerous and can deal extremely high damage for their level, powerful and accurate with decent attack speed. These shades do not have any weakness, unlike those found while Dungeoneering. For using prayer against exceptionally strong shades, either use Protect from Ranged or Protect from Magic or their respective Curse equivalents. Ranged armour offers the best overall defence against their attacks. If there is a single shade in a room (as there often is if soloing), it is almost always about as strong as the player and is likely to exhaust a player's food/prayer quickly if they are wearing melee armour.

This is one of the monsters within Sinkholes that will switch targets instead of continuing to attack the first player it sees. Thus if a group encounters a high level shade and one happens to get attacked, the shade will change target and during this time, the latter can have time to heal or run away.


100% drops

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Combat totemCombat totem1AlwaysNot sold
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