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This article is about a Mystery box received from random events. For a Mystery box received from Court Cases, see Mystery box (Court Cases).
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Mystery box was removed from RuneScape after an update, but still exists in-game for those who had obtained it.

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The mystery box used to be obtained as a reward from random events. Before the random event update, the Quiz Master random event would reward the player with a choice between the Mystery box or 1,000 coins. This was a gamble, as the box could contain items worth both more and less than 1,000 coins.

After an update to random events, the 1,000 coins benchmark was no longer important, as there was not an option between a guaranteed 1,000 coins and a random reward. Instead, players were awarded with a Random event gift, with a Mystery box being one of available rewards. Choosing the Mystery box over other rewards from the Random event gift was still a gamble, however, as most other rewards from the Random event gift were worth more than most rewards from the Mystery box. The Mystery box can be banked, however, it can't be traded.

Mystery boxes received from Court Cases do not stack with the ones obtained from random events.

Rewards list

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Coins 1000.pngCoins1–5,000Common1–5,000
Old boot.pngOld boot(m)1CommonNot sold
Uncut sapphire.pngUncut sapphire1Common809
Body rune.pngBody rune1Common48
Flier.pngFlier1CommonNot sold
Leather boots.pngLeather boots1Common170
Raw tuna.pngRaw tuna1Common348
Nothing0UncommonNot sold
Uncut emerald.pngUncut emerald1Uncommon2,555
Pure essence.pngPure essence30 (noted)Uncommon900
Steel platebody.pngSteel platebody1Uncommon1,956
Fire talisman.pngFire talisman1Uncommon209
Water talisman.pngWater talisman1Uncommon2,528
Law rune.pngLaw rune10Rare5,700
Nature rune.pngNature rune20Rare8,100
Mithril scimitar.pngMithril scimitar1Rare2,591
Mithril 2h sword.pngMithril 2h sword1Rare3,569
Adamant platebody.pngAdamant platebody1Rare8,975
Cosmic talisman.pngCosmic talisman1Rare1,030
Rune platebody.pngRune platebody1Very rare37,480
Tooth half of a key.pngTooth half of a key(m)1Very rare11,538
Loop half of a key.pngLoop half of a key(m)1Very rare11,053