Mystic (NPC) chathead

Mystics are found within the Mystic's Camp and feature in the Stealing Creation minigame. Following the lead of the Head mystic, they worship the spirits of the Wilderness.

Mystic Thug

The Mystic Thug is a bald man who dwells on the West side of the camp, carrying with him a club. Upon speaking to him it is found out that one of the reasons he follows the revenants is because of the serene beauty that he sees in them. He used to offer the player a special "teleport" to their spawn location by clubbing them over the head similar to the Pirate Pete method. Now the Mystic's camp is located in the Gamer's Grotto, he instead mopes about how he never gets to watch revenants ripping people to shreds anymore.

Mystic Zealot

The Mystic Zealot is a Mystic with a long beard and grey hair. He can be found in the north-western corner of camp.

Out of the group of Mystics he is the most bland. He has no qualities that make him different from other characters, thus making his only purpose for giving information on the minigame. If players talk to him he will explain the plans of the Mystics and how they came to be in the camp around the portal. When the player mentions the revenants' usual violent nature, the Zealot responds shouting, "Blasphemy!"

Goblin Mystic

The goblin mystic is at the minigame to try and resurrect the holy ones so that they can fight for the Big High War God.

Dwarf Mystic

The dwarf mystic helps around the minigame as he was tired of his older, boring life of creating statues in Keldagrim and wanted to move on. So now he helps by creating bodies made from sacred clay for the holy ones.

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