Nadir (Saga #4)
Release date 24 April 2012 (Update)
Members? Yes
Developer Mod Giragast

Nadir is a Fremennik Saga. It is started by finding a damaged device on Daemonheim floors 18-22. You play as Moia, the Mahjarrat Lucien's daughter, on a quest to investigate strange occurrences at the Ritual marker and to find the Mahjarrat Bilrach in the depths of Daemonheim.

Official description

Play as Moia - a Mahjarrat half-breed - as she tries to prove her worth to her commander, Lucien. Tasked with hunting a lost Mahjarrat, her journey takes her to Daemonheim and beneath, culminating in events that pave the way for the final chapter in the Daemonheim story to be told.


Start pointQuest map icon
Nadir icon
Daemonheim, talk to Skaldrun after finding a damaged device.
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyUnknown edit
Official lengthMedium
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • None
Enemies to defeat

Note that during this saga, holding down the space bar and double clicking appears to skip almost all cutscenes. It is also possible to skip through cutscenes faster than above by moving or opening up a quest journal in your quests tab if the icon is available. It is unknown if this is a bug or not.

Side objectives

The following must be completed to reach 100% completion and receive the unabridged tome:

  • Collect all 9 memories of Hearthen the merchant, Captain Toma, and Lord Yudura.
  • Correctly answer all the questions posed by Captain Toma's men and the Necrolords.
  • Not running out of portal power at any time (up to Bilrach's room).

Finding the memory fragment

Skaldrun chathead
Damaged device

The memory fragment

The memory fragment required to start this saga is a damaged device. It will appear randomly on the first half of the furnished floors (18-22). The device does not appear as a red dot on the minimap. Pick up the device and it will disappear. After obtaining the device the player will receive a message in the chatbox stating to start the memory the player must talk to Skaldrun.

If players have not completed Ritual of the Mahjarrat, Skaldrun will ask if players want to continue on with the saga despite their lack of knowledge on the Mahjarrat.

The Ritual Site

Moia masked chathead

The saga begins 500 years ago when Moia, Lucien's daughter, summons Lucien and Zemouregal to the ritual site. You find out that the ritual marker has scratches on it, and there are cart tracks in the snow showing evidence that someone has attempted to move it. Zemouregal and Lucien then ask you to inspect the area while they discuss who could have done this. Once they are done Lucien will call for you, hand you a device to communicate with him, and order you to find Bilrach and inform on his current condition.


Hunting Memories

Hunting for the memories.

Audio options icon
The beep you're looking for
Click when you hear this, there is another fast-paced, but slightly lower pitched beep that indicates you are close.

You arrive at Daemonheim, a year before the present day. Exploring Daemonheim causes chat boxes to appear but is not required for completion of the unabridged saga. Attempting to access Daemonheim other than by the southerns steps also should cause a chatbox to appear. Upon arriving at the steps, you see a cutscene in which a Sentry greets a merchant who delivered two large crates and murdered his assistants. After a brief exchange as to what the crates hold, the sentry leaves. You must interrogate the mind of the merchant and probe his memories. Finding all of his hidden memories is required for the unabridged version of the saga.

The saga is saved every time you finish a floor.

To find the memories you must hover over their hidden location, then click to plant the probe. There are 3 stages of the cursor, indicating how close you are to finding the memories. There will also be a "pinging" sound. The closer the player is to the memory, the faster the sound will become. For this reason, the music should be muted while ambient sounds should be maximised with the highest volume possible to hear the sounds clearly. When the "pinging" sound and the cursor flashes rapidly, you have found the hidden memory. If the pinging/cursor was increased but not at maximum, you will only recover half of the memory, and prevent players from completing the unabridged saga.

After placing all three probes, whether you collected the memories or not, you will kill the merchant and use his outfit and gear as a disguise.

Throughout the saga you will have to probe many times, and once you've placed a wrong probe you cannot undo it. Remember that after each probe area your progress is 'saved'; so if you fail, Do Not move forward, simply go back, exit the saga, and begin from your last checkpoint.

The frozen floor

Moia as Hearthen chathead
Speaking with the Captain

Speaking with Captain Toma.

After arriving on the frozen floor, you will see several soldiers being commanded by Captain Toma to help with the deliveries. As you approach you realise that you should not go through there to reveal yourself. However, the captain sees through your disguise, and you must probe his memories and take his form. It is the same process as it was probing the merchant's memories on the surface. Failure to completely extract all three memories will prevent you from correctly answering questions on the next floor.

In your form as Toma you are approached by the mage who has been ordered to help with the deliveries. The dialogue is linear.

Turn on run and exit through the door the mage arrived by.

The next room is a storage room, complete the internal monologue and exit through the south door.

In the barracks room a soldier approaches enquiring about the deliveries, where you will tell the soldier to "break his back" if he wants to help. Moia will then realize that she was too strict and needs to put a better display, or the soldiers will see through her disguise.

Continue onward through the dungeon, leaving the frozen floor for the furnished floors.

The furnished floors

Kratonite full helm chathead

You will start in a room with three doors. Open the door in the north first, and you'll see it's a dead end. Walk in it until you get a message, then go back to the previous room.

Confronting soldiers

If the wrong options are chosen when being questioned the soldiers will attack you.

In the next three rooms you will be asked questions by Captain Toma's soldiers. If you had not correctly probed Captain Toma's mind on the frozen floors, you may not be able to answer these questions. Answering all questions correctly is required to complete the unabridged saga. If you get two answers incorrect, two soldiers will confront you; if all answers are incorrect, five soldiers and a ranger will appear instead.

Enter the door to the south. You will be approached by a soldier who wants to accompany you on the next patrol.

Answer him with "Got something to get off your chest, soldier? Be my guest".

Move south into the next room and enter the west door. Here, a mage will ask you about the status of his transfer.

Answer with: "Ask me later, Druf. I have no time for you right now".

Now enter the south door and you will be asked by another soldier if you're ready to start the daily training.

Answer by saying "Tell them to wait there, and no practice until I return".

Continue your travel by going through the east door.

Confronting Dangerous figure

Confronting the dangerous figure.

In this room you will encounter a Necrolord who turns out to be Lord Yudura. You will have to place the probes in his mind, as well. Again, completely probing all three memories is required to complete the unabridged saga.

After you have finished probing his memories, Yudura will attack you. Kill him (ignore any zombies spawned, they will disappear after killing Yudura). You will take on the form of Yudura and call Lucien about the progress.

Move on to the south and you will reach the next checkpoint, entering the occult floors.

The occult floors

Necrolord chathead
Draining a portal

Draining energy from a portal.

Necrolord teachings

A Necrolord teaching several necromancers.

This floor will start in a room with two doors. Enter the door to the east. In this room you will find little pools of water on the ground, leading from one door to another. Enter the east room, where you'll discover dead troops that have drowned, and a strange portal in the wall. A cutscene will play when trying to leave the room, in which you hear voices coming from the portal.

Now leave that room and enter the south door. A necrolord will approach you, asking what to do about his unruly slaves.

Reply with the instruction "Cut off their hands".

Move on to the next room to the south and enter the west door in the next room. Another necrolord approaches you, wanting to know what to do about a different necrolord using his slaves.

Tell him "Kill him, or I will kill you".

Moving on through the west door, you will find yourself in a room with two portals. Approaching them will result in drawing power from both and discovering valuable properties that Moia can use to become stronger.

Now enter the south door and find yourself in another room where a necrolord will ask if you have the body of a soldier needed.

Tell him "His body is on the floor above. Fetch it yourself, I am busy".

Hooved mage

Moia casting her magic.

Continue through the dungeon. If all the answers were incorrect, you will have to confront a necrolord and two necromancers, who are capable of summoning zombies to assist them. Otherwise, continue through the room and drain portals as you see them. A hooved mage will slip from your sight when you enter the library; follow it into the dining room. The mage will realize you aren't who you seem, and attack.

You will also have a portal magic bar in place of your adrenaline bar. The portal magic constantly decreases, and you need to use the portals to recover health and your magic. If your adrenaline bar falls to 0%, you will switch back to using your dagger, and you need to recharge at the closest portal to regain the ability to use your more powerful attacks. Being interrupted by combat or clicking away from the portal will dramatically reduce its benefits. All portals are one-time use.

After defeating the hooved mage, drain the portal in this room and enter the next door. This room contains two rangers and five soldiers; kill all of them.

Move on to the next room and reach your next checkpoint, the warped floors.

The warped floors

Note that if the adrenaline bar falls to 0% at any time, the player is disqualified from receiving the unabridged rewards. Players must keep the adrenaline bar above 0% at all times for the full reward.

If players fail to keep the bar above 0%, leaving and restarting from the last checkpoint will still allow full completion, so long as the bar is kept above 0% following the restart.

Moia chathead
I will have bilrach!

Soldiers stand their ground on the warped floors.

You will appear in the warped floors. There is a portal in the room you are in, but it is best not to drain it yet, as you will need to fight some strong enemies in the next room. Clear the room of the two rangers and three warriors. Utilise safespots and try and trap enemies to avoid being overwhelmed. Once done or in need of health or portal magic, go back to the room you came in to drain the portal. Proceed into the next room, in which a warrior will instruct a mage and ranger to retreat, and he locks the door. Fortunately, Moia is able to "melt" the locks away due to her newfound power.

In this room, there's three warriors, a mage and ranger. There's a portal not far from the warrior closest from where you just came in. Once cleared, go into the next room, in which two warriors and two hellhounds will attempt to stop you. Clear them off before breaking the lock and continuing into the next room.

In that room, there are two portals, a ranger, mage and three warriors. One of the warriors will say that the behemoths and stalkers have abandoned them. It's recommended to trap the foes apart, allowing you to deal with them in smaller numbers. If you left the portal in the previous room intact, you can return there when needed to restore your energy, rather than trying to use the portals in the same room as the soldiers.

Ritual Marker

The ritual marker; far from its original location.

The big reveal

Bilrach lives.

Kill them and keep on moving until you reach a cutscene. Moia will walk the next two rooms, finding corpses, drained portals and collapsed wooden debris. At this point your adrenaline is held constant. Once you reach the end of the second room, walk and you'll find the ritual marker and Bilrach, who is rambling incoherently.

Once you investigate the ritual marker, you then communicate with Lucien, with a choice of how to reveal Bilrach's presence to Lucien. You can choose to tell him Bilrach is alive and dangerous, alive and not a danger, dead, or that he wasn't there. If you choose the latter two, Lucien will be angry and threaten to kill you when he next sees you. Choosing the first option Lucien will instruct you to kill Bilrach or die trying. Choosing the second option will result in Lucien requesting to bring Bilrach to him.

Bilrach will then straighten and speak directly to Moia, revealing that he knows Moia is a half Mahjarrat, and he is willing to teach her secrets about portal magic if she will accompany him. All conversation options must be followed in order to reach the ending, it is recommended to select them in reverse order (five, four, three and so on) so as not to lose track of which ones have been followed already. You then have four options, your choice influencing the ending.

  1. Moia states that she will inform the other Mahjarrat about Daemonheim, and they will destroy it. Bilrach then knocks out Moia.
  2. Moia states that she will take Daemonheim for herself, and tries to take Bilrach's identity by looking at his memories. Looking at his memories knocks Moia out. Bilrach then levitates her and takes her along.
  3. Moia follows Bilrach to the bottom of Daemonheim with the intent of betraying him and taking all the power for herself.
  4. Moia follows Bilrach to the bottom of Daemonheim under co-operation.


Nadir reward


An abridged book, which when read, gives


Together, with the above rewards, an unabridged book, which when read, gives


The saga is always re-playable, and each time will reward up to 2,674 Dungeoneering tokens for the first play, 2139 for the second, 1604 for the third, 1069 for the fourth and 534 for the fifth in a day. This day is reset at 00:00 UTC. Completing the secondary tasks isn't necessary for the replay rewards.



  • If you don't have the required Dungeoneering level to complete the unabridged saga, when Moia meets Bilrach, the saga will instead end. The player will receive the abridged book.
  • With the release of this saga, it is possible to unlock Occulo and Torqueo music tracks even if you do not have the level normally required.
  • The music that plays at the beginning is called The Evil Within, even though the music player is blank during this part.
  • Nadir means "the lowest (or deepest) point", this title was given probably because Moia, as Bilrach said, reached the last floor of Daemonheim, as well as possibly the lowest point in her life, having spent 499 years tracking down Bilrach at the command of Lucien.
  • The Captain says "I will return for you, Freya. I wish I could say when. I know I have been absent for some time, but my duties here are too heavy to abandon." This is most likely a direct reference to Final Fantasy IX's Sir "Iron-Tail" Fratley's last words to Freya.
  • While looking at the end of the saga's description at the "Start saga" menu, there is the sentence: "Stay a while, and listen..." This could be a reference to Deckard Cain's famous sentence in the original "Diablo" game.
  • Normally, if Moia's portal energy is allowed to drain to 0%, it would change back to the adrenaline bar at 0%. However, when nearing Bilrach's room, it would convert to adrenaline bar with how much energy you have left before, although this is of little importance as there are no more enemies to fight.
  • After the Evolution of Combat, if you had any adrenaline at the end of the saga, you would keep the adrenaline, until you used an adrenaline-draining ability. This has since been fixed.
  • With Evolution of Combat, Moia's body has distorted animations that are further exacerbated by use of the Anticipation or Freedom ability or emotes, among which only a few can be used, including Yes, No, Curtsy, Bow, Angry, Think, Wave and Explore. The stretching becomes fixed when she starts taking disguises.
  • While normally unable to run, using Anticipation or Freedom will unlock her ability to run.
  • Moia cannot use two-handed abilities despite wielding a staff under the guise of Yudura. The staff provides infinite elemental runes. While only spells up to Fire Wave is lit in the spellbook, she could cast up to Fire Surge.
  • If the player attempts to activate prayers, they receive the message "In this tale they did not rely on the whims of the gods."
  • Currently as of 5 August 2014, there is a glitch where if you must fight a necrolord in Legacy mode, you aren't able to attack because you can't cast spells without runes.
  • Previously, when empowered, Moia's automatic attacks become a long-ranged, non-ability version of Flurry, despite not wielding any weapons. Most of the abilities are blacked out except for Anticipation, Freedom, Slice and Debilitate. Using Slice or Debilitate would cause Moia to use a very rapid ability magic attack. This was changed in an update.
  • Currently Moia only cannot use Metamorphosis, despite it being displayed as available. Surge is blocked by the environment she is in. It is possible to use Devotion despite that prayers cannot be used. In her final undisguised stage, her magic attacks are melee ranged and attempting to use most offensive abilities will prompt the glitched error message that stats it requires "45 Attack". Explode can be activated, but will automatically be triggered to no effect.
  • Previously, in combat, she wields her dagger, later Captain Toma's sword and Yudura's staff. All had the same special attack, which drains 75% of the special attack bar. It instantaneously takes effect if the bar is clicked while there are targets within close range. Moia would vanish briefly and reappear on the other side of the target(s), dealing heavy damage. This could hit multiple targets, and doesn't seem to miss. This was removed by the Evolution of Combat and was not reinstated when special attacks were brought back. When charged with portal energy, she could fight with three different types of magic. Fire magic is fastest and interrupts enemy attacks when it hits, but hits the lowest. Water magic deals moderate damage at moderate speed and slows down targets. Earth magic deals heavy damage but with no special effects and is incredibly slow. This was also changed by the Evolution of Combat and she now casts spells as normal, albeit with a melee range.
  • There was once a model for Zemouregal exclusive to this saga only, however it was replaced in a later update.
  • While the player can use abilities as Captain Toma, Moia is incapable of using them while empowered despite having the required Magic level. In addition, despite having reduced health as with all other saga characters, her health scales with the player's and can be restored through the magic portals.
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