Naff chathead

Naff is a child found in Zaff's staff store, and is the assistant of Zaff. Naff runs a shop called Naff's Knockoff Staves.

Players can purchase battlestaves from Naff for training Crafting or selling at a later point. He normally sells players 8 each day (updating at midnight GMT), but depending on the level of Varrock armour the adventurer has earned, he will sell the player extra battlestaves, starting at 16 with Varrock armour 1, 32 with Varrock armour 2, 64 with Varrock armour 3, and 80 in total each day with Varrock armour 4.

During the sixth Winter Weekend of 2015, Naff sold twice as many battlestaves each day.


  • His name is British slang for something of poor quality.
  • Initially, Zaff sold battlestaves through additional dialogue, but this was changed so that Naff sold them directly instead.
  • Previously, a player had to be wearing the Varrock armour for Naff to sell the bonus battlestaves.
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