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This article is about nails used in the Construction and Fletching skills. For the NPC called Nails, see Nails Newton.

Nails can be made of any free-to-play metal that can be smithed. Only steel nails are free-to-play, as they are used in the Dragon Slayer quest. Bronze, iron and black through to rune can only be used by members.

To make nails, you need to use a bar of the same metal with an anvil, with a hammer in your inventory. Each bar yields 15 nails. Black nails cannot be smithed; they must be acquired by an alternative method such as they are a possible piece of loot from Zogre tombs, a drop from zombie hands and a possible reward from an easy clue scroll.

Nails are used in the Construction skill. Players should bring more nails than needed, as nails will bend occasionally. Lower-levelled nails are more likely to bend. When carrying multiple types of nails, the highest levelled nails are used first.

Nails can also be used in Fletching to make brutal arrows.

Item SmithingSmithing level Sawmill Store Price Grand Exchange Price
Bronze nails.png Bronze nails 4 7 coins 10 coins
Iron nails.png Iron nails 19 33 coins 20 coins
Steel nails.png Steel nails 34 52 coins 49 coins
Black nails.png Black nails Not player made Not sold 357 coins
Mithril nails.png Mithril nails 54 Not sold 80 coins
Adamantite nails.png Adamantite nails 74 Not sold 98 coins
Rune nails.png Rune nails 89 Not sold 129 coins


  • The picture always shows 3 nails, even when you only have 1.
  • You can work with planks with more than one type of nails simultaneously.