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The naragi engram is an item used in the Memorial to Guthix Distraction and Diversion. It is given by Orla Fairweather to the player during the tutorial for the activity. After the tutorial is completed players can find it on Naragun (after completion of The World Wakes), north-west of the fairy ring ais in Guthix's house.

Harmony of Naragun is the benefit of this engram, when active Guthixian butterflies will spawn instead of chronicle fragments. This does not affect elder chronicles. Only one Guthixian butterfly can be present at a time; if you already have a Guthixian butterfly spawned and present, a chronicle fragment will spawn.

Naragi engram location.png


This engram is charged using the following items:

Prestige Strands Pale energy
1 80 500
2 112 700
3+ 144 900