Natural Instinct
Natural Instinct
Release date 4 March 2013 (Update)
Members Yes
Skill Defence
Level 85
Type Ultimate
Adrenaline −100%
Equipment Any
Cooldown 120 seconds
Instantly leech your target's adrenaline. If fighting a non-player opponent that does not use adrenaline, for the next 20 seconds you will gain 200% adrenaline from your own abilities.
Natural Instinct
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Natural Instinct is an ultimate Defence ability, received as a reward for completing The World Wakes.

There are two effects, one of which will apply depending on the situation the user is in:

  • The first effect applies to any PvP situation. As the description states, it steals all the adrenaline from your target, leaving them with no adrenaline while you gain adrenaline equal to the amount they had.
  • The second effect can be partially misleading, as there are several monsters that utilise adrenaline, such as Cadarn rangers and magi. When used, it doubles most sources of adrenaline gain (such as Telos' green anima stream and using abilities, but does not affect adrenaline potions). The adrenaline doubling effect will apply outside in a PvE situation, excluding Nex's praesuls and monsters in the Temple of Aminishi, which uses the first effect instead.

With the second effect of Natural Instinct, one can gain 150-200% adrenaline (this does not including eating, which drops adrenaline) with the 30 seconds that Natural Instinct provides. To make it more efficient, one can use an ultimate skill such as Sunshine to further increase damage output while gaining a lot of adrenaline to make use of threshold abilities.

Natural Instinct will double the adrenaline gained from Meteor Strike/Tsunami/Incendiary Shot's buff, which normally grants 10% adrenaline on crit. A single hit basic ability that crits while under both buffs will grant 36% adrenaline.


  • For a while after this ability's release, there was a glitch where upon using this ability, the game box would show "Running". This glitch has been fixed.
  • Natural Instinct and Provoke are the only abilities that have completely different effects depending on whether they are used against a player or a monster.
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