Natural historian (Rellekka Hunter area) chathead

The natural historian features in Tale of the Muspah, where he must be asked information about the Muspah. The answers are:

1. It's yellow.
2. It has 4 arms.
 3. It has no legs, like a snail.
 4. It has spikes, which run down its spine.
 5. It has a spiky tail with vicious spines.
 6. It has pincers, like a crab.

After you have described the Muspah to him, you receive a Lumbridge Teleport. After you complete the quest, if you talk to him, he will give you a 200 exp lamp that can be used for any level 10 or higher skill. He is located on the iceberg where Polar Kebbit are located, normally on the eastern pathway.

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