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Nature's Sentinel is a Treasure Hunter promotion and may not currently be active.

Nature's Sentinel was a Treasure Hunter promotion starting 9 March 2017 at 00:00 UTC and ending 13 March 2017 at 23:59 UTC. This promotion features the nature sentinel outfit, and its suboutfits, oaken, willow, and maple sentinel outfits. Components of different outfits were available on different days:

Available prizes

Day 1: Oaken sentinel outfit pieces

Oaken sentinel helm
Oaken sentinel chest
Oaken sentinel trunks
Oaken sentinel branch
Oaken sentinel boots

Day 2: Willow sentinel outfit pieces

Willow sentinel helm
Willow sentinel chest
Willow sentinel trunks
Willow sentinel branch
Willow sentinel boots

Day 3: Maple sentinel outfit pieces

Maple sentinel helm
Maple sentinel chest
Maple sentinel trunks
Maple sentinel branch
Maple sentinel boots

Day 4-6

All of the above.

Release history

Nature's Sentinel (edit)
Start Date End Date Update/Promo
19 September 2017 2nd Chance Tuesday
9 March 2017 13 March 2017 Nature's Sentinel - Elite Woodcutting Outfit
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