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Nature Spirit is a quest where the player must restore the Nature Grotto deep in Mort Myre Swamp to its previous glory.

Official description

After saving the holy man Drezel, he's seeking some assistance again. This time he has a special request for any adventurous sorts to search for the Druid 'Filliman Tarlock' and brave the terrors that infest the swamp of Mort Myre.

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Start pointQuest map icon.png
Quest icon 5th age.png
Speak to Drezel under the Saradomin temple near the River Salve.
Member requirementP2P icon.png Members only
Official difficultyNovice Novice
Official lengthShort to Medium
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Enemies to defeat

Mort Myre Swamp

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To start this quest, speak to Drezel. He is located in the passageway bordering Morytania and the forest east of Varrock (underground, beneath Paterdomus) When you talk to Drezel, he will give you six pies (3 meat and 3 apple) to take to Filliman Tarlock, a friend of his who lives in Mort Myre. He'll warn you about ghasts in the swamp that will rot your food. Do not worry about them, since you do not actually end up giving Filliman the food so feel free to use or bank it. Put on your ghostspeak amulet now, and make sure you have it on throughout the quest. If the amulet has been lost, the player can always speak with Father Urhney in the Lumbridge Swamp to retrieve it. Go through the barrier south of Drezel into Morytania.

Some invisible ghasts.

Journey out of the temple and into Morytania, then south-east. When you reach the fence, go through gate to reach Mort Myre. You must use this gate, or else Filliman will not appear when you try to enter his grotto. You will find ghasts in this swamp, near-invisible monsters who cannot be attacked and will attempt to rot your food. They often miss, but if you run out of food, they will hit damage on you. You lose a small amount life points at random when in the swamp. This will not happen in the nature grotto.

Go south in the swamp all the way to its south edge, where you will see a large round island with the druid's grotto. You will also see the summoning icon on the minimap. Jump across the broken bridge to the island. If you fail you will swim straight across and lose a small amount of health.

The Nature Grotto

The Nature Grotto.

Filliman Tarlock should be standing outside the Grotto tree. If not, try to enter the grotto by right clicking on the tree and he will come out. It turns out that he has died. He won't believe that he's dead, so take the washing bowl off the nearby table to find a mirror underneath. Take the mirror and use it on him. He will now believe that he is a ghost. After this he tells you to find his journal. Search the grotto tree to find it and give it to him.

Filliman will tell you that he wishes to become a Nature Spirit, but needs your help to complete the transformation. He will give you a druidic spell that you can use to cast bloom.

Now you need to go back to Drezel and ask him to bless you. You can also ask him to teleport you back to Filliman throughout the quest.

You now need to get three things:

  • Something with faith - Get Drezel to bless you. He will offer to send you back to Filliman using his runes, and he will do this at any time during the remainder of the quest.
  • Something of nature - After Drezel has blessed you, find a rotting log in the swamp and use the druidic spell next to it to make a mushroom (Mort myre fungus) grow. There is a small group of logs north-west of the Grotto. Pick it up and show it to Filliman.

The ritual to transform into a Nature Spirit.

  • Something with the spirit-to-become freely given - The "A used spell" card (The used druidic spell).

Infinite prayer free bloom casts:

  • Now that the first spell is used, new ones can be obtained from Filliman that still have charges using the drop trick. The scrolls he gives do not drain prayer like the Bloom spell in the blessed sickle and can be used even after the quest is completed. They are only limited to inventory space, and it is recommended for those with low prayer to grab several. This is the only time when he will offer them.

Now you need to go back to Filliman and do the following:

  • Use the Mort myre fungus on the western brown stone.
  • Use A used spell card on the eastern grey stone.
  • Stand on the southern orange stone.

Use each item on the stones. Tell Filliman you solved the puzzle and he will ask you to come inside the grotto. (If he disappears before you finish, just click enter on tree again and when he appears exit the conversation by walking to the orange stone. Then click Filliman again while standing on the orange stone.)

Enter the tree and talk to Filliman, and he will become a nature spirit. He will then ask you to get a silver sickle. You can make one by using a silver bar on a furnace. Talk to Filliman and give him the sickle. He will bless it and give you back a silver sickle (b). He will then give you a druid pouch and tell you to kill three ghasts.

Return to the swamp with the silver sickle (b) and use it to cast Bloom spells (right-click option, each cast costs a random number of prayer points). When cast right next to small bushes, rotting logs, and rotting branches in the swamp, some randomly create produce will grow that can be harvested: pears, fungi, and stems respectively. Use the druid pouch to fill it up (fill is the left click option). A minimum of three harvests are needed to proceed. However, it is a good idea to fill your druid pouches as ghasts will attack you regardless, spending charges, and you may find yourself in a small predicament when you have no more prayer points left to harvest more produce! It is recommended to collect several druidic spells as an alternative, see above. Also see articles on the blessed sickle and the druid pouch for more information on using Bloom and charging the pouch.

Killing a ghast.

When a ghast attacks, it will use up one of your pouch's blooms, causing the ghast to become fully visible and attackable. While a ghast is attackable you may use any weapon to kill it, you are not required to equip the silver sickle (b). Kill three ghasts by using your druid pouch on the ghast, then talk to the Nature Spirit again. If you can't find him, search the branch inside the grotto and he will appear. He will redecorate the grotto and reward you.


Nature Spirit reward.png
Music unlocked

Required for completing

Completion of Nature Spirit is required for the following:



  • All the blessing effects in the quest, including Drezel's blessing on the player, Filliman becoming a Nature spirit, turning the cave into the Nature grotto, blessing the sickle and using the pouches on the ghasts are very similar to the Earth Blast effect before the spell update. When Filliman transforms into a Nature spirit, four "Earth Blasts" hit him with the visual effect like Earth Wave.
  • Upon completing this quest one's Adventurer's Log will read: "I braved the ghasts of Mort Myre and aided the ghost of Filliman Tarlock to become a nature spirit."
  • While this quest is members-only, it can be started by free players by speaking with Drezel under the Saradomin temple.