Navigator Jemi
Seasinger Jemi
Release date 3 May 2016 (Update)
Also known as Seasinger Jemi
Race Siren
Members Yes
Quest NPC No
Location(s) Rimmington, Port Sarim
Sells items No
Gender Female
  • Umi's twin sister, and a full-blown seasinger.
  • A seasinger who recently arrived in port. Meg has introduced her to adventuring while she's busy with her private investigation business.
Seasinger Jemi chathead

Navigator Jemi (known as Seasinger Jemi before Impressing the Locals) is a character that the player character recruits for their crew during the Impressing the Locals quest. During the quest, players speak to her sister Umi in search of a navigator, and Umi ends up recommending Jemi due to Jemi's desire to return to The Arc. Players then find her in Rimmington, and she joins the crew as a navigator.

During Kindred Spirits, she replaces Meg in the Player-owned port area, serving as the learning adventurer that asks questions to the player every week. She also served this role during the Mega May event.

She also appeared in Burthorpe during the Invasion of Port Sarim event, advertising the event and giving the player 200 tokens if they hadn't been claimed from Guard Captain Roarkwin.