Amulets and necklaces are jewellery items that can be worn in the neck slot.

Bonuses & Prices

Non-enchanted amulets don't have any stat bonuses, so they are not included. Trimmed amulets (with exception of the trimmed Amulet of Fury) provide no extras bonuses.

ItemAttributeStyle bonusPrice
Amulet of zealotsAmulet of zealots00-5---Dungeoneering token 40,000
Salve amuletSalve amulet003---None
Salve amulet (e)Salve amulet (e)003444None
Desert amulet 1Desert amulet 1000666None
Lunar amuletLunar amulet000--304,000
Amulet of potencyAmulet of potency202---None
Amulet of defenceAmulet of defence6008884,560
Amulet of accuracyAmulet of accuracy000-15-2,929
Amulet of powerAmulet of power0011515153,737
Desert amulet 2Desert amulet 2001151515None
Amulet of magicAmulet of magic000--181,712
Amulet of strengthAmulet of strength00018--2,704
Desert amulet 3Desert amulet 3002242424None
Desert amulet 4Desert amulet 4003303030None
Amulet of gloryAmulet of glory00226262611,586
Dragon Rider amuletDragon Rider amulet0010303030500,000
Third-age amuletThird-age amulet000--32172,637,668
Amulet of furyAmulet of fury0033232321,342,722
Amulet of rangingAmulet of ranging000-32-27,051
Amulet of fury (t)Amulet of fury (t)004343434621,090
Blood amulet of furyBlood amulet of fury004323232Blood necklace shard and amulet of fury (7,446,586 total)
Amulet of the forsakenAmulet of the forsaken003363636397,339
Saradomin's whisperSaradomin's whisper00236--71,361
Saradomin's murmurSaradomin's murmur002-36-343,135
Saradomin's hissSaradomin's hiss002--3681,896
Amulet of soulsAmulet of souls00546464621,474,887
Berserker necklaceBerserker necklace00330--407,501
Reaper necklaceReaper necklace00336363623,442,719
Twisted bird skull necklaceTwisted bird skull necklace003---Dungeoneering token 8,500
Split dragontooth necklaceSplit dragontooth necklace004---Dungeoneering token 17,000
Demon horn necklaceDemon horn necklace005---Dungeoneering token 35,000
Arcane pulse necklaceArcane pulse necklace000--13Dungeoneering token 6,500
Arcane blast necklaceArcane blast necklace000--24Dungeoneering token 15,500
Arcane stream necklaceArcane stream necklace000--44Chaotic remnant (Dungeoneering token 100,000) and Saradomin's hiss (81,896)
Arcane blood necklaceArcane blood necklace000--44Chaotic remnant (Dungeoneering token 100,000), Saradomin's hiss and Blood necklace shard (6,185,760 total)
Farsight quick shot necklaceFarsight quick shot necklace000-13-Dungeoneering token 6,500
Farsight snap shot necklaceFarsight snap shot necklace000-24-Dungeoneering token 15,500
Farsight sniper necklaceFarsight sniper necklace000-44-Chaotic remnant (Dungeoneering token 100,000) and Saradomin's murmur (343,135)
Farsight blood necklaceFarsight blood necklace000-44-Chaotic remnant (Dungeoneering token 100,000), Saradomin's murmur and Blood necklace shard (6,446,999 total)
Brawler's jab necklaceBrawler's jab necklace00013--Dungeoneering token 6,500
Brawler's hook necklaceBrawler's hook necklace00024--Dungeoneering token 15,500
Brawler's knockout necklaceBrawler's knockout necklace00044--Chaotic remnant (Dungeoneering token 100,000) and Saradomin's whisper (71,361)
Brawler's blood necklaceBrawler's blood necklace00044--Chaotic remnant (Dungeoneering token 100,000), Saradomin's whisper and Blood necklace shard (6,175,225 total)
Holy symbolHoly symbol008---1,601
Unholy symbolUnholy symbol008---2,417

Trimmed amulet prices

Amulet (t) Grand Exchange cost
Amulet of magic (t)Amulet of magic (t)537,654 [graph]
Strength amulet (t)Strength amulet (t)546,532 [graph]
Amulet of glory (t)Amulet of glory (t)540,633 [graph]
Amulet of fury (t)Amulet of fury (t)621,090 [graph]
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Fury (or) Grand Exchange cost
Amulet of furyAmulet of fury1,342,722 [graph]
Fury ornament kitFury ornament kit453,984 [graph]
Total price1,796,706
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