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A Necromancer is a studier of necromancy; talking to, and sometimes raising, the dead. They are usually followers of Zamorak, as the practice of necromancy is considered "evil" by most societies; however, a handful of non-Zamorakian necromancers have been accepted within society at various times.

The animation of undead such as Skeletons and Zombies are the usual fare for necromancers, and have often been used as disposable troops, as seen during the God Wars. After the Missing My Mummy quest, Pharaoh Queen Senliten suggests that necromancy is a corruption of the mummification process, and was widely used by the Mahjarrat when they first arrived in Gielinor in the Second Age after leaving Freneskae with Icthlarin. Practising necromancy is considered a dangerous activity as numerous individuals have turned insane while attempting to raise the dead.

Known necromancers

In Necromancer Tower - South of East Ardougne


Undead with powers of necromancy

Quests involving necromancy

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  • In RuneScape Classic, players had the ability to choose their class. One of the choices was to become a Necromancer, which gave players a higher starting level in Necromancy (the original Magic). Later when the class system was removed, all necromancers became Mages.
  • Some people have compared necromancy to Summoning, but according to Malignius Mortifer, the two have nothing in common.
  • According to Irwin Feaselbaum, necromancers can raise themselves from the dead.


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