For the standard variant, see Necromancer.
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The necromancer is a monster that can be found on the Occult Floors in Daemonheim in the Dungeoneering skill. Necromancers can summon hordes of zombies if not dispatched quickly. The combat level of the zombies varies with the Necromancer's level, and is generally higher than that of the Necromancer. Necromancers can cast a spell that looks like stat spy to temporary disable the cloaking effect of the shadow silk hood, an ability shared only with forgotten mages, seekers, reborn mages, and the mercenary leader. Summoned zombies have no drops besides bones, and will disappear after sometime, leaving behind their drop. When a room containing necromancers has to be cleared, it is recommended to kill the necromancers quickly and leave the room to wait for the zombies to disappear, similar to the tactic of dealing with Necrolord.


All summoned zombies have a higher combat level than the necromancer. The zombies die automatically after a while unless killed, dropping only bones.


100% drops

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
BonesBones1AlwaysNot sold

Other drops

Quantities and rarities are random. Dropped food will usually be the second best you can fish and cook and drops in general will become less generous as you progress.
Torn bags
Non-members can receive torn bags as well, although they can only sell or alchemise them.


  • The symbol on their robe top is the "Deaths" icon in the upper left hand corner.
  • Despite being a human, upon killing them they give a sound that somewhat resembles a storm.
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