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The Necromancer is found on the ground floor of the Necromancer Tower. He will attack with his fists, with curse spells, and by summoning Summoned Zombies to aid him. He has a noticeably long respawn time, possibly something to do with the fact that he raises himself from the dead to achieve his "Mortal return".


Main drops

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Fire runeFire rune18Common1,350
Mind runeMind rune10; 18Common160–288
Law runeLaw rune3Common1,512
Air runeAir rune10; 18Common410–738
Earth runeEarth rune18; 36Common288–576
Chaos runeChaos rune4Common536
Nature runeNature rune5Common2,325
Blood runeBlood rune7Common4,928
Coins 4Coins4Common4
Zamorak robe (top)Zamorak robe (top)1Rare944
Zamorak robe (bottom)Zamorak robe (bottom)1Rare576

Universal drops

Universal drops are dropped by nearly every monster outside of Daemonheim.
These drops are dropped alongside main drops.
Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Key tokenKey token1RareNot sold
Mimic kill tokenMimic kill token1Very rare5,162
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