The Necromancer Tower is a tower south of East Ardougne where a few necromancers reside.


Necromancer Tower

The Necromancer Tower

Irwin Feaselbaum location

Location on the World Map

The Necromancer Tower is south of East Ardougne and north-east of the Tower of Life. The tower can be easily reached by two teleport methods:

  • Ardougne Teleport brings the player to the East Ardougne marketplace, with the tower to the south.
  • Fairy ring DJP brings the player right next to the tower. Use of fairy rings requires partial completion of the quest A Fairy Tale Part II.

The closest bank without using teleportation is the one south of the marketplace in East Ardougne. The map shows the shortest route between the bank and the Tower of Life, and the same route can be used for the Necromancer Tower. If players can use fairy rings, the bank in Zanaris is closer.

Ground floor

Irwin Feaselbaum and a necromancer are situated on this floor. Irwin complains about adventurers attacking his boss, Invrigar the Necromancer.

First floor

Invrigar the Necromancer lives on this floor. If attacked, he will occasionally call up Summoned Zombies to his aid.


  • The Necromancer Tower is the only known place near a bank where monsters occasionally drop Zamorak robes. The robes are a rare drop, however, from the Necromancer or Invrigar the Necromancer, and they only drop one item (top or bottom) at a time. The only other monsters known to drop the robes are the Disciples of Iban, who always drop the entire robe set, and Zamorak wizards.
  • There is a book missing from a bookshelf on the ground floor, as it has been loaned out to the Wizards' Guild.


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