This article is about the taskmaster. For the grumpy resident of Ashdale, see Ned (Ashdale).
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Captain Ned is a retired sailor who works as a rope maker in Draynor Village. He has led a considerably exciting life, thinking a battle between gods to be a dull affair.[1] He still wishes to explore the sea, but has trouble finding any ships willing to take him on due to his age.[2] He cares little for the risk if it means he can sail again.[3][4] He has a wife who lives in the 1st2nd floor[UK] of their house.

He sells rope in exchange for 15 coins or 4 balls of wool. Despite claiming that he makes the rope out of the wool, he actually trades with Jofridr Mordstatter, giving her the wool in exchange for yak hair rope. He also makes specialist rope for sailors, which is stronger and more durable.[5]

He acts as a taskmaster for the Lumbridge achievements. Upon completion of the medium set, he awards the third explorer's ring and an antique lamp, and upon the completion of the hard set he awards the fourth explorer's ring and another antique lamp.

Ned plays a prominent role in Dragon Slayer, being the only captain willing to sail the Lady Lumbridge to Crandor, provided the adventurer can give him a map. He ends up stranded on Crandor, but makes use of the hidden tunnel to travel to Karamja then back to Draynor Village.

He used to play a role in the defunct Prince Ali Rescue quest, crafting the wig needed to break Prince Ali free from three balls of wool.

During Mega May, Ned was one of the victims of theft during the Eastern Mystery case. Somebody snuck into his house through a 1st2nd floor[UK] window, stole some rope and left. Ned suspected a suspicious outsider of the theft, though it was later proven to be the slaver Jed.



  • After the completion of Dragon Slayer, there are three Neds in RuneScape; one in his rope shop, one on top of Klarense's Cruiser (can be seen from the boat that leads to Pest Control), and one at Crandor, on top of the Lady Lumbridge.
  • Ned, like many NPCs in Lumbridge and Draynor, used to offer jobs, but it was stopped on the 17 September 2009 update.
  • During Dragon Slayer, on the Lady Lumbridge, he is referred to as Captain Ned in dialogue.


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