Needle Strike
Needle Strike
Release date 12 March 2013 (Update)
Members No
Skill Ranged
Level 12
Type Basic
Adrenaline +8%
Equipment Dual ranged
Cooldown 5 seconds
Launch painful needles at your target that reduce their resistance to critical hits. Target takes 157% weapon damage. Your next attack against the target has a flat 7% increase to damage dealt.
Needle Strike
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Needle Strike is a Ranged basic ability requiring dual-wielded weaponry. The ability will deal 31.4-157% ability damage, averaging at 94.2%, and increases the ability damage on your next attack by x1.07.

Damage over time abilities such as Fragmentation Shot are not affected by the damage increase, but will consume the buff.

Only Ranged attacks are affected by the buff, although it is possible to switch to a different ranged weapon, such as a 2-handed bow, and still benefit from the damage increase. Most Constitution and Defence abilities have their damage increased as long as used with a ranged weapon.

The damage increase also applies to secondary targets struck by the next ability (e.g. Ricochet) as long as you are attacking the same primary target.

Non-channeled, non-damage over time abilities that hit the same target multiple times will benefit fully from the damage increase (e.g. Snap Shot), but only the first 2 hits (out of 8) of Rapid Fire and the first hit (out of 4) of Unload benefit from it. Onslaught is not affected at all.