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Neem drupe detail.png

A neem drupe vine bearing six drupes

The neem drupe is dropped from monsters and can be picked from vines in the Polypore Dungeon. Each vine holds six drupes, which grow back after being picked at a speed of about five seconds per drupe. Drupes can be squished into Neem oil into a Jug, which in turn can be used to harm the monsters of the dungeon.

The number of neem drupes on the vines are independent for each player. Even if a player picks all drupes from a vine, all six would still be available to another player. Picking neem drupes from vines are not automatic; the player must manually click six times to pick all drupes from a fully laden vine.

When picking neem drupes with a pestle and mortar in inventory or tool belt and a jug of neem oil in inventory, the drupe will automatically squish into oil. You could obtain neem oil this way even if your inventory is full. However, a jug can only hold a maximum of 2,000 doses of neem oil. After this point, any neem drupes picked up will go into your inventory.

One neem drupe vine is located on the north side of the platform that you enter the Polypore Dungeon at. If you don't have one, a jug can be bought (1 coin) from the merchant located on the south side of the same platform.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Fungal mage811–3Always
Fungal rodent261–2Always
Ganodermic beast1121–4Always
Ganodermic runt1121–3Always
Infested axe1051–2Always
Neem oilN/A1–2Common


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  • Neem drupes look like clusters of small yellow spheres or grapes while on the vine, but when picked a neem drupe becomes one larger yellow sphere.
  • This item used to not appear in the looting inventory, requiring you to pick it up manually. This was fixed with an update on 3 April 2018.