Neite chathead

Neite is a blue cat, who can be seen in the A Tail of Two Cats quest along with her boyfriend Bob the Jagex Cat. She can be found in a building in Sophanem, and a player can talk to her with an Amulet of Catspeak. She can also be found wandering across Gielinor, usually following Bob.

If a player tries to talk to her after the quest, they find out she is busy following Bob. They became involved after Bob discovered he was Robert the Strong.

She becomes jealous when Ilsinor is mentioned, due to mistaking her for being another cat-girlfriend for Bob, until it is cleared up that she was human.


  • Neite was once a priestess to Amascut, however Amascut's lust for destruction was so great that she eventually started to destroy her own temples and clergy. The remaining priestesses cursed Amascut so she could never retain a corporeal form for an extended period of time, or recruit any more followers. In retaliation, Amascut transformed the priestesses into cats. Neite and the other priestesses were scattered and granted immortality by Icthlarin.
  • Her name bears resemblance to the deity Neith of Egyptian mythology.


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