Nemi poison detail

Nemi poison is an item used to sicken Airut into Sickly airut. The sickened version is easier to kill and does not use the special attacks normal airut use. Sickly airut also do not require 92 Slayer to kill. Only the airut on Mazcab can be poisoned; using the poison on airut in any other location yields the message "You can only use that on Mazcab!" This item is obtained from Trinks on Mazcab when she gives the player an assignment to kill airut. Although sickly airut are easier to kill, they leave no drops when defeated, do not count towards an airut Slayer assignment, and award no Slayer experience for killing them.

They have a brief cool-down, so one cannot simply poison 10 airut in quick succession.

During the Call of the Ancestors quest the player learns that the poison is created from the poisonous nemi stalks, protected by the ancient goebie in the clearing in Nemi Forest. Behind the ancient goebie is the Goebie Temple where Goebies endure the three trials to gain powerful magic.


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