Net trapping is a Hunter technique used to trap lizards, salamanders, penguins and baby squirrels. With level 29 Hunter, a rope and small fishing net in the inventory (the tool belt doesn't count), clicking on a young tree will set the trap. When the lizard or salamander passes, it may be caught.

If the prey is successfully caught, the net will close in around the animal and you will have the option to "Check" the net trap. If not successful, the tree will snap back to its original position, and your small fishing net and rope will appear on the ground, which you must pick up or it will eventually disappear.

Bait may increase the catch rate for lizards and salamanders and is made by using the herb with 15 swamp tar and a pestle and mortar, though they can be decently caught without any bait. If you do not use bait for trapping baby squirrels, they will only trip the trap and you will not catch one. Squirrels may be kept as pets with level 60 Summoning.

Hunter Creature Location Bait (optional) XP
29 Swamp lizard Swamp lizard Canifis Hunter area Guam tar 152
29 Baby squirrel (light grey) Squirrel Near Gunnarsgrunn, just south of the Mind Altar Nuts (required) 152
47 Orange salamander Orange salamander Uzer Hunter area Marrentill tar 224
50 Penguin (item) Penguin Penguin Hunter area Cod 250
59 Red salamander Red salamander Ourania Hunter area Tarromin tar 272
67 Black salamander Black salamander Boneyard Hunter area Harralander tar 304
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