Nettles detail

Nettles are the key ingredient in nettle tea. Players must wear gloves in order to pick nettles. If no gloves are worn, no nettles will be obtained and the player will be dealt up to 20 life points of damage. The hitsplat is green like poison, but the player does not get poisoned. Notice that the message in the chatbox says, "You have been stung by the nettles." instead of "You have been poisoned."


The two main uses for nettles are for making tea during quests and for controlled damage.

  • Nettles are used in the quest Ghosts Ahoy and the mogre miniquest. Full directions on how to make nettle tea can be found here.
  • The controlled damage is useful to those who wish to take advantage of the special effect of the Dharok's set which requires low life points.


Patches of nettles can be found:


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  • Prior to the update on 17 March 2014, a player had to wield certain gloves to pick nettles. Not all types of gloves worked.
  • A glitch allowed free players to collect nettles for a short period of time; however, these nettles cannot be used in any way on a free world since they appear as "Members Objects". This glitch was quickly fixed.
  • The sound you hear when you are stung by nettles is the same sound goblins used to make when hit by a player in combat.
  • There is a glitch when a player tries to pick a nettle without gloves; their skin turns the same colour as a darker skinned vampyre.
  • You do not need gloves to pick up the item version of nettles (i.e. dropped nettles).

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