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New Varrock is the main city in Dimension of Disaster. It is an alternate reality in which Varrock has been taken over by Zemouregal, where the adventurer may complete twisted versions of various quests that take place in the real Varrock. New Varrock is a safe area, where all items are kept on death.

You cannot enter or leave the city by any means other than the fountain located in Varrock Square or New Varrock Square, respectively.

Getting there

You must have started Dimension of Disaster to first gain access to the city. Upon starting the quest, Gypsy Aris will give you a coin, which transforms into a double-headed coin upon investigation. This special double-headed coin must be used on the fountain at the centre square of Varrock, which opens a portal through which you can enter New Varrock.

The double-sided coin will disappear after the first use, but the portal will remain. You must have banked all of your items, except for your double-sided coin on your first entry, to enter New Varrock.


The gold currency has been replaced by the Zemomark, a new unit of currency introduced by Zemouregal. 10 Zemomarks are received upon first entry to New Varrock. Zemomarks may also be earned by various activities completed around New Varrock, such as completing quests, completing tasks on the New Varrock tasks list, selling items, and stealing loot.

The Grand Exchange is not available for use in New Varrock. Players can exchange items with other players through free trade. While gold cannot be used in New Varrock, it can be traded with other players. Zemomarks can also be traded with other players. Drops by players may be picked up by anyone as usual.

Banks cannot be used for holding equipment in New Varrock, as the Skeleton clerk tells you that they "no longer serve the fleshy folk". The banks now serve Zemouregal and hold his inventory. There are also no other bankers available, and they do not provide the healing effect banks normally give.

New Varrock General Store

Found near Varrock central square. The Shopkeeper sells typical general store items, and also buy various New Varrock items from players.

Aubury's Rune Shop

Found near eastern Varrock Bank. Aubury sells runes. He also buys back runes from the player. You may also take up to 15 each of air runes, water runes, earth runes, and fire runes for free from the shop, which restocks periodically. Aubury also gives out an Orb of Oculus.

Gertrude's Food

Main article: Gertrude's Food

Gertrude sells stews and chocolate cakes, which stack unlike normal chocolate cakes.

Horvik's Armour Shop

Horvik sells bronze armour and there are some anvils.

Lowe's Archery Emporium

Found near Varrock central square. Lowe sells Ranged equipment. You may also take 30 bronze arrows and 30 bronze bolts for free from the shop, which restocks periodically.

New Varrock Leather Emporium

A tanner here can tan zombie cowhides into soft leather for free or into hard leather for 3 Zemomarks each. The Tanner also sells up to 10 hard leather, for only 1 Zemomark each. Hard leather can be crafted into shields and sold to the general store for profit.

New Varrock Sword Shop

The shopkeeper only sells bronze weaponry.

Sani's Orefully Affordable Store

Found just south of the western Varrock Bank. Sani can be found here. Unlike the Sani in the actual world, this Sani sells ores and his place also has a furnace.

Thessalia's Fine Clothes

Urist's Crafting Supplies

Xuan's Fresh Produce

Main article: Xuan's Fresh Produce

Zaff's Superior Spellcasting

Zaff sells Magic equipment.

Places of interest

The graveyard.


To the north-west of the city is the Graveyard. This features 29 gravestones of various NPCs with humorous examine texts. The following NPCs have a gravestone:



The entrance to Zemouregal's palace.

This castle is now Zemouregal's castle. The warped versions of Defender of Varrock and Curse of Arrav start here. In the middle of the castle stands a Bloodwood tree which cannot be cut. The staircases in the south-eastern area of the castle takes you up to the 1st2nd floor[UK].

The castle has been greatly changed, as the outer walls have been torn down, the jail section, most of the stairs, and the room above Reldo's libary in the actual castle has been replaced or removed. He also has a treasure room which contains various items, such as the Raptor's armour and a stuffed Wise Old Man, suggesting that he had beat them in combat.

Outside the castle is a small group of New Varrock guards and a New Varrock guard captain.


Zemouregal has changed Reldo's library into his throne room, moving the library to western wing of the castle. It contains a collection of unreadable books.

  • From New Varrock library, ground floor. Upon searching the bookcase: You pick a book at random...
    • 100 Fun Things to Do with your Partially Severed Arms, by Cliff Windmills
    • A book of puzzles. Zemouregal has filled the majority in incorrectly
    • A skullball almanac from year 175 of the Fifth Age
    • An audiobook for banshees. Sounds terrifying
    • Azure Golem and Other Anagrams for the Word Zemouregal
    • Death is Just the Beginning: Secrets of a Successful Unlife: A picture of Zemouregal winks at you from the cover
    • Hey, That's My Epiglottis!: Amazing Things Heard while Shambling around Varrock
    • It seems to be a walkthrough for something called "Dimension of Disaster." You sense it shouldn't be here, and put it back
    • It's the novel tie-in for "Zemouregal: The Movie"
    • Making Decomposition Work for You: An Undead Style Bible
    • My Favourite Pedestals by Sharathteerk, a gargoyle
    • Slack Jaws and Swollen Tongues: A Zombie Language Primer for Trainee Necromancers
    • The Joy of Hex
    • The Life, Death, Undeath and Death (Again) of Surok Magis, by Surok Magis
    • The Wind in the Gallows
    • The Zemouregal Dictionary. it goes from Z-A


The gates of New Varrock are guarded by three New Varrock guards and one New Varrock captain. They can be attacked, and drop items such as coal, studs and spider silk. When you approach them, the guards will always turn to face you.


The pillories of New Varrock are crowded, and like the real Varrock, there are three of them. This time, Meg, Hazelmere and Pauline Polaris are in them. Talking to them results in some humorous dialogue. The Tramp's insults are relevant to the aforementioned characters as he is throwing rotten tomatoes at them. You can also get a rotten tomato here which is necessary for one of the subquests.

Cow pen

Delrith's prison.

East of the East Varrock Bank, zombie cows can be found. They can be killed for zombie cowhides and raw undead beef. There is also a zombie dairy cow who gives curdled milk, which you need to give to Baron Mauser.


You may pray at the altar in the Church nearest to the Museum to restore prayer points. However, upon exiting the Church, Zemouregal drains all your prayer points. It is possible to lure the group of New Varrock captain and guards nearby into the church, allowing you to use prayer against them. The church itself also provides safespots such as over Jeremy Clerksin.

Praying at the altar in the Zamorakian Church, where Grumps is found, will give you a message from Zemouregal informing you that he has rewired the altars, thus redirecting your prayer toward him, and then he will thank you. Thus, you will also not gain any prayer points here.



  • Players cannot summon pets, as doing so results in a message saying that "the law of Zemouregal strictly forbids the summoning of pets and familiars by non-citizens".
  • According to the Spirit of the Mind, New Varrock has been through various names, including "Delrith's Despair", "Zemoria", "Tafkav", "Arrav's Folly" and most recently, "Zemouregal Town".
    • Tafkav is a reference to TAFKAP, short for "The artist formerly known as Prince". Knowing this, it is likely that Tafkav is an acronym for "The area formerly known as Varrock".
  • Attempting to use Home Teleport results in the message "The law of Zemouregal strictly forbids use of the lodestone network." However, right-click for the last destination will result in the message "The law of Zemouregal strictly prohibits un-licensed teleportation in New Varrock.", same as trying to use any other teleport (including Varrock teleport and ring of duelling).
  • Attempting to use Low Level Alchemy or High Level Alchemy results in the message "The law of Zemouregal strictly forbids the practice of alchemy".
  • The Zemouregal statues in New Varrock contains various references, such as "Look upon my works, and rejoice."
  • The manhole entrance to Varrock Sewers is sealed, and trying to open it will yield the message "Inhuman screams echo in the depths below you." or "The sewer cover is sealed with a pink, sticky goo."
  • Even though prayer is drained on arrival, potion effects are not. This means that prayer points might be gained through the use of a Prayer renewal potion (or similar potions). Attempting to activate a prayer however will yield the message: "The power of Zemouregal prevents you from drawing upon divine power on all but holy ground."
  • The book "The Wind in the Gallows" found in the library is a reference to the book The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame.
  • The area outside of New Varrock appears as it did at the time the quest was released, these include the Digsite fence before it was removed in the 2017 Free-to-play update and the absence of Gower farm.