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Nex: Angel of Death is a successor to the original Nex boss fight. The entrance to her arena is a hidden door found on the south wall of the original Nex's lobby area, which requires a Frozen key and either 40 Zarosian kills or a set of Ancient ceremonial robes. Therefore, players require level 70 Agility, Constitution, Ranged, and Strength to battle the Angel of Death.

A team size of 7 players is recommended for this fight. Up to 50 players may battle Nex; like Vorago, her attacks will affect more targets the more players there are. An instance only lasts for one kill, but are provided free of charge.

Defeating Nex in this state once is a completionist cape requirement as part of the Reaper title.

There are two lore books, The Promised Gift and The Praesul, which can be claimed from the exit pillar at the end of the kill. These books explain the story behind Nex's relationship to Zaros, including the mention of Zaros preparing to give something to Nex which is made in Children of Mah. All players will obtain this drop, provided that they participated and survived the encounter. Reading both of these books is a requirement for the master quest cape. Once obtained, they will no longer be dropped.

Rewards include tier 92 dual wield magic weapons: the wand of the praesul and imperium core. The praesul codex unlocks one of three level 99 curses; Desolation, Affliction and Malevolence, upgraded versions of Anguish, Torment and Turmoil respectively. There are also four tradeable intricate chest drops: intricate shadow chest, intricate blood chest, intricate ice chest, and intricate smoke-shrouded chest. These chests can be opened to unlock cosmetic battle robes from each of the four of Nex's mages: Cruor, Fumus, Glacies, and Umbra battle robes.

Obtaining all of Nex: Angel of Death unique drops (only a single chest is required) will unlock the [Name] of the Praesul title.


Nex has two drop tables. The first drop table is the main drop table, where unique items can be rolled. Drops here are awarded to the top 7 contributors to the fight: up to two tanks and the top 5 damage dealers.[1]

A second, inferior drop table is awarded to the next top 3 damage dealers who are not eligible to roll for the main drop table. This is only accessible when fighting Nex in a group of 8 or larger. Both drop tables have access to the blood tentacle.

If battling Nex in a team of more than 7 players, the drop rate for the wand of the praesul and imperium core are significantly decreased (5 times rarer).[2] Intricate chests and Praesul codices are not affected by team size.

Each kill is worth 18,403,955.15 coins purely from unique drops in a team of 7 players, assuming all players survive to receive loot; this number is split among all players in the team. However if a team decides to have 8 or more players the average value per kill from uniques drops to 15,818,467.48 coins due to the wand of the praesul and imperium core becoming less frequent.


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
The Promised Gift.pngThe Promised Gift1AlwaysNot sold
The Praesul.pngThe Praesul1AlwaysNot sold
  • If the books are not received from killing Nex, the teleport shard at the end of a kill may be searched for them instead.


No charmGold charm.pngGreen charm.pngCrimson charm.pngBlue charm.png
Represents a 90% confidence range based on a sample of 2,433 kills.
25 charms are dropped at a time.
Add data to the log (requires JavaScript).

Primary table drops

These drops are awarded to the top 7 contributors in the fight (2 tanks and then top 5 DPS). The wand of the praesul, imperium core and praesul codex drops are limited to one per kill, if at all. Chests, on the other hand, are not limited. All non-unique non-stackable drops are dropped in noted form.

AoD has a unique rare drop rate mechanic in that the drop does not get more rare if a team member dies. In a 7 man, the chance at a wand of the praesul is the same rate whether 7 people live until the end of the kill or 5, where you have a 7 "rolls" of 1/1000 either way. Mod Ramen clarified that drop rate "adapts" to be the same in any size team 7 players or less.

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Ascendri bolts (e) 4.pngAscendri bolts (e)60–77Uncommon573,600–736,120
Crystal key.pngCrystal key14–16Common305,354–348,976
Crystal triskelion.pngCrystal triskelion1CommonNot sold
Dragon longsword.pngDragon longsword10–15Common562,120–843,180
Off-hand dragon longsword.pngOff-hand dragon longsword10–15Common553,960–830,940
Grimy cadantine.pngGrimy cadantine83–119Common358,726–514,318
Grimy snapdragon.pngGrimy snapdragon105–150Common187,845–268,350
Incandescent energy 1000.pngIncandescent energy2,934–3,204Common1,202,940–1,313,640
Luminous energy 1000.pngLuminous energy3,152Common835,280
Magic logs.pngMagic logs750–1,249Common285,000–474,620
Onyx bolt tips 5.pngOnyx bolt tips73–89Uncommon518,811–632,523
Rune 2h crossbow.pngRune 2h crossbow20–69Uncommon81,140–279,933
Rune bar.pngRune bar41–50Common122,385–149,250
Rune plateskirt.pngRune plateskirt13–17Common481,793–630,037
Rune warhammer.pngRune warhammer25–34Uncommon580,450–789,412
Off-hand rune warhammer.pngOff-hand rune warhammer25–34Uncommon586,200–797,232
Sirenic scale.pngSirenic scale1–2Common698,722–1,397,444
Uncut dragonstone.pngUncut dragonstone40–50Uncommon483,080–603,850
Uncut onyx.pngUncut onyx1Uncommon2,297,944
Praesul codex.pngPraesul codex1Rare[m 1]529,691,612
Wand of the praesul.pngWand of the praesul1Very rare[m 2]519,656,294
Imperium core.pngImperium core1Very rare[m 2]403,732,158
Intricate smoke-shrouded chest.pngIntricate smoke-shrouded chest1Very rare(1/20,000)[m 3]149,858,430
Intricate shadow chest.pngIntricate shadow chest1Very rare(1/20,000)[m 3]245,277,532
Intricate blood stained chest.pngIntricate blood stained chest1Very rare(1/20,000)[m 3]277,074,247
Intricate ice chest.pngIntricate ice chest1Very rare(1/20,000)[m 3]301,305,304
  1. ^ 1/250 after failing a roll for the wand or core
  2. ^ a b 7 or lower: 1/1,000 chance for a unique item like Wand of the Praesul or Imperium core; 8 and higher: 1/5,000 chance for a unique item like Wand of the Praesul or Imperium core
  3. ^ a b c d AoD and Telos: Drop Rates Revealed!. The drop rate of any cosmetic Intricate chest is 1/5,000. The drop rate of a particular Intricate chest among the four of them, should the player wish to receive a particular one, is 1/20,000. Receiving any one of the Intricate chests is sufficient for earning the Of the Praesul title, however.*

Secondary table drops

These drops are awarded to next 3 players (if applicable) after the main drop table is rolled.

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Sirenic scale.pngSirenic scale1Uncommon698,722
Luminous energy 1000.pngLuminous energy500–800Common132,500–212,000
Rune bar.pngRune bar9–16Uncommon26,865–47,760
Earth orb.pngEarth orb25–40Common171,350–274,160
Earth talisman.pngEarth talisman15–37Common2,775–6,845
Rune claw.pngRune claw6–11Uncommon27,330–50,105
Wine of Zamorak.pngWine of Zamorak3–20Uncommon46,200–308,000
Black dragonhide.pngBlack dragonhide18–37Uncommon62,676–128,834
Super restore (3).pngSuper restore (3)14–24 (noted)Common29,330–50,280
Saradomin brew (3).pngSaradomin brew (3)6–16 (noted)Common89,352–238,272
Mahogany plank.pngMahogany plank43Uncommon56,803
Yew seed 5.pngYew seed3–5Uncommon45,906–76,510

Tertiary drops

This is awarded to players who have access to either drop table.[3]

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Blood tentacle.pngBlood tentacle1Very rare[d 1]Not sold
  1. ^ Has a base drop rate of 1/3,000 with a threshold of 600.


  • Library of Nex (RuneScore.png 25) - Find and read 'The Promised Gift' and 'The Praesul' books from the Nex: Angel of Death encounter.
  • Hungry Hungry Reavers (RuneScore.png 75) - Defeat Nex: Angel of Death without any of the group damaging any of the blood reavers.
  • Fallen Angel (RuneScore.png 0) - Obtained a collection of unique drops from Nex: Angel of Death.
  • Nex Pls (RuneScore.png 5) - Defeat Nex, the Angel of Death several times depending on the tier.

Concept art for Nex's empowered form


  • Upon release, the wand of the praesul and imperium core were dropped more commonly than intended. Jagex increased their rarity later the same day.
  • Upon release, there were several bugs with the fight, all of which have been fixed:
    • For every Nex: Angel of Death kill you obtained, you would also gain 1 Prestige when quickchatting your killcount, which normally only happens upon reaching 60,000 kills.
    • If a player died in the fight but was eligible for a drop, the player could create their own instance and wait inside until the kill that they died from was finished, and their drop would be left on the ground. The player could then lobby and rejoin on a player from their team that was still in the instance and grab their loot, or another player could wait until their drop appears to pick it up for them.
    • Nex was able to be provoked from the viewing platform but could not attack players standing there so she could be easily killed by players with no risk.
  • Based on player feedback, Nex was given several changes on 19 June 2017:
    • The two lore books (which are master quest cape requirements) can now be obtained by all players by searching the exit pedestal.
    • Dominion mines could be used in the arena.
    • Players trapped under an icicle during phase 3 can no longer be targeted by a shadow trap during the final phase. Prior to this, it was possible for this to happen and would outright kill the trapped player. There are still some circumstances that occur where players can still be targeted by a shadow trap while pinned by an icicle.
    • The name of the player who interacts with the mysterious energy to begin the fight is broadcast throughout the arena.
  • As of 1 February 2018, the highest kill count for this boss was 13,947 kills[4].
    • This had increased to 18,136 by 6 May 2018.[5].


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