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Nic's Store only appears during events and may not be currently found in game.
Nic's Store
Nic the trader
Release date 14 August 2018 (Update)
Members Yes
Minimap icon Nic's Store map icon
Location Falador Park
Owner Nic the trader
Specialty Treasure Hunter rewards
Nic the trader location

Nic's Store is a shop owned by Nic the trader, located in Falador Park. It offers the opportunity to swap bonus experience for store credits. The store offers various goods, such as experience items, skilling outfits, and rare Treasure Hunter items, which can be bought with the credits. Credits are kept and shared with Vic's Store.

Credit value

The exchange rate for credit varies by level and skill. Every 200 credits purchased in a skill doubles the price of a credit. Mathematically, this can be expressed as:

$ X = \sum_{k=1}^{N} \left ( \left \lfloor \frac{k+c-1}{200} \right \rfloor + 1 \right ) \times L_{skill} $


  • $ X $ is the amount of bonus experience you will need
  • $ N $ is the number of credits you want to purchase
  • $ c $ is the number of credits you have already purchased
  • $ L_{skill} $ is the initial cost of a single credit for that skill at your level

An exception to this is the "highly sought after" bonus experience in the agility skill as stated in the Trade XP selection window, where the cost per credit doubles every 300 credits purchased.


Vic's Wares
Item Quantity Credits
Maple sentinel chest Maple sentinel outfit piece Until you own all 275[1]
Jungle trapper chest Jungle trapper outfit piece Until you own all 250[1]
Thieving Black ibis outfit piece Until you own all 125[1]
Medium skill training dummy crate Medium skill training dummy crate Infinite 55
Prismatic large fallen star Large prismatic star Infinite 25
Large prismatic lamp Large prismatic lamp Infinite 67
Alice's Wares
Item Quantity Credits
Gem (common) Gem (common)[2] Infinite 50
Gem (uncommon) Gem (uncommon)[3] Infinite 150
Gem (rare) Gem (rare)[4] Infinite 500
Gem (very rare) Gem (very rare)[5] Infinite 2,500
Item Quantity Credits
Aura refresh Aura refresh Infinite 100
Life refresh Life refresh Infinite 75
Experience/Credit (at maximal level)
Initial 200 Credits
Skill XP/Credit
Invention Invention 1,156.1
Attack Attack 1,625.8
Constitution Constitution 1,625.8
Defence Defence 1,625.8
Divination Divination 1,628.0
Farming Farming 1,633.5
Cooking Cooking 1,637.9
Fishing Fishing 1,641.2
Dungeoneering Dungeoneering 1,645.6
Crafting Crafting 1,647.8
Woodcutting Woodcutting 1,647.8
Construction Construction 1,650.0
Strength Strength 1,653.3
Fletching Fletching 1,656.6
Slayer Slayer 1,656.6
Smithing Smithing 1,656.6
Magic Magic 1,659.9
Ranged Ranged 1,659.9
Hunter Hunter 1,661.0
Thieving Thieving 1,661.0
Herblore Herblore 1,662.1
Summoning Summoning 1,665.4
Runecrafting Runecrafting 1,670.9
Prayer Prayer 1,916.2
Mining Mining 2,204.4
Agility Agility 2,362.8
Firemaking Firemaking 2,714.8


  1. ^ a b c Price is per part. There are multiple parts for the whole outfit.
  2. ^ You will receive a random prize of yellow rarity from Treasure Hunter.
  3. ^ You will receive a random prize of orange rarity from Treasure Hunter.
  4. ^ You will receive a random prize of red rarity from Treasure Hunter.
  5. ^ You will receive a random prize of purple rarity from Treasure Hunter.
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