The Ninja Team are a group of Jagex employees reponsible for adding minor content or quality of life improvements.


Ninjas generally take community feedback through Twitter or Reddit and add to the game as their TAPP.

Ninja updates generally consist of tweaks and changes to existing content to improve the player's quality of life when playing the game. The ninja team's ethos is to deliver the highest impact changes at the lowest cost to development time.



Picture Name Nationality Role Employed in
N/A Mod AoB Irish Environment Artist 2008
N/A Mod Chaose N/A RuneScape Content QA Analyst; QA Lore Specialist 2013
Mod Doctor Mod Doctor British Content Developer 2012
Mod Harrison Mod Harrison N/A RuneScape QA Analyst 2014[1]
N/A Mod Hing N/A Animator 2011
N/A Mod Kylar N/A Content Developer 2018
N/A Mod Liam British Lead Content Developer, Product Owner 2005
Mod Maylea Mod Maylea French Content Developer 2006
Mod Stu Mod Stu British Senior Content Developer 2006[1]
Mod Timbo Mod Timbo N/A Senior Game Designer 2008
Mod Veda Mod Veda N/A Junior QA Analyst 2017


Picture Name Nationality Role Employed in
Mod Ana Mod Ana N/A Lead Developer 2010
N/A Mod Chaplain British Graduate Gameplay Programmer 2016
N/A Mod Edge N/A Technical Developer
Mod Hunter Mod Hunter N/A Senior Technical Developer 2011
N/A Mod Kelpie N/A
Mod Pi Mod Pi British Senior Gameplay Programmer 2011
Mod Ramen Mod Ramen British Content Developer 2013
N/A Mod Ryan British Content Developer 2013, 2016
Mod Shogun Mod Shogun Swedish QA Analyst 2014[1]
N/A Mod Tomb British Content Developer 2016


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