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NoRemorse77 chathead

NoRemorse77 is a player spoof involved in The Elder Kiln. She fights in the Fight pits to kill several Ga'als, though initially plans against it due to the loss of her dragon claws. She appears to be wearing a dragon helm, a dragon platebody, a pair of dragon platelegs, a strength amulet (t), gloves and boots from Canifis, a red cape, but no weapon. She has high defence against slash attacks, but not as high as full dragon armour might suggest. She wears dragon armour as it appeared before the update. Despite wielding no weapon, she is still quite accurate with her punching.

She fights in the Fight Pits during the quest and is killed by the player.

She was one of the deceased celebrated during the Festival of the Dead, which her friend Cow1337killr attended. Apparently she had a bad habit of 'losing' items then claiming somebody else had stolen it. He also referred to her with male pronouns.[1]


  1. ^ Cow1337killr, "Festival of the Dead", RuneScape. "NoRemorse77 could never be trusted! He would always be 'losing' something someone else was holding, then he would try to convince everyone they stole it from him!"