Nomad's temple
Arcane doorway
Release date 11 January 2010 (Update)
Kingdom Soul Wars
Members Yes
Main music Desolate Ruins, Battle of Souls
Levels 1
Strongest monster Nomad
Dwarf multicannon allowed Unknown Edit
Quests taking place here Nomad's Requiem, Nomad's Elegy
Inhabitants Ghosts, elementals, beasts, avatars, humans
Nomad's temple map 1

Nomad's temple map 2

Nomad's temple is a vast, underground area under Soul Wars. The entrance to the temple can be found by investigating Nomad's tent during the Nomad's Requiem quest. The quest Nomad's Requiem largely takes place here. It is the home of Spectral attendants, Spectral cultivators, Spectral tenders, Spectral worshippers, Elemental creatures, Corruption beasts, and two of the highest-level quest monsters in the game: the Decaying avatar and Nomad himself. Once Nomad's Requiem is completed, there is no way to enter his temple again, until a brief section during Nomad's Elegy, where the player must investigate clues with Zimberfizz.



  • The last three chambers of the temple appear to spell "GOD" when viewed on the map.
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