Noodle chathead

Noodle Fideu[1] is a penguin featured in several quests. He can be found outside the avalanche entrance to the secret Penguin Lair. Noodle is a penguin black market operator and a member of the Fettuccine Mafia, an organisation led by his brother Alfredo. He is a Macaroni Penguin, like the leader of the island noted by Here Be Penguins.

Cold War

During Cold War, Noodle sells the third report and a Kgp id card in exchange for one swamp tar and five feathers. In Postbag from the Hedge (Issue 19), Noodle says that those items were for his mother, who is losing her feathers. Larry, however, claims the feathers are used for torturing penguins.

Hunt for Red Raktuber

During Hunt for Red Raktuber, Noodle replaces the lost Kgp id card if the player agrees to go in debt to the Mafia. Noodle says, "I'm jus doin' deals on the outpost. We dun got no one in the human world to do deals, yet."

Some Like It Cold

In the Some Like It Cold quest, Noodle has been captured by The Walrus and is trapped in the Prisoner of Walrus camp. He escapes the camp with the player by distracting the seals by making an explosion.



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