Not to be confused with Nora.

Nora T. Hagg is a witch and the central figure in the quest Witch's House. During the quest, you have to sneak past her in her own garden to get Harvey's ball, that was kicked over the fence. She has a pet experiment in her shed that she created, and players will find other experiments of hers that live in the sewers beneath the house. During the quest Grim Tales, it is revealed that she is the second cousin twice removed of Miazrqa.


  • Her name, when pronounced, sounds similar to "naughty hag". It could also be said as "Nora the Hag", an obvious reference to her being a witch.
  • Her appearance and examine text were updated on 11 September 2017, along with a graphical rework of her house. Her previous examine text was: Distinctly witch-like.
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