A normal evil tree can be found in any of the 26 locations while playing the distractions and diversions Evil Tree. It starts out as a sapling, and then quickly grows into an Evil Tree that players must "kill" to receive various rewards. A tinderbox and hatchet are required to defeat it (although the leprechaun at the tree will give you a bronze hatchet and a tinderbox), along with level 1 Woodcutting, 1 Farming, and 1 Firemaking (which technically means that no requirements are needed). The normal evil tree is the easiest evil tree to kill.


  • When the tree is still a sapling, Farming experience can be gained for nurturing it. 20 Farming xp are earned for each growth stage until the tree becomes a full-grown basic evil tree. No items are required for that. (eventually the sapling grows into the evil tree, which is good because then you will be able to cut it)
  • When the tree is fully grown, chopping the roots and the tree itself gains Woodcutting experience.
  • When a root vanishes, the player gains Evil tree kindlings, which can be used on the tree to set fire to a part of the tree. This awards Firemaking experience.

The Ring of fire and Flame gloves give no additional experience, the Inferno Adze will not automatically light any kindling received.


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